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Sanctuary Promise Violation

HB 3265 (2021) states that if a public body receives a communication or request from a federal agency that relates to immigration enforcement, other than a qualifying judicial subpoena, the public body shall decline the request and document the communication or request. The public body shall then report on that request to the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission.

Public Body Reporting

Hotline Reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does my agency need to report to CJC?
At least monthly if your agency receives a communication or request from a federal agency. 

Do I need to report to the agency monthly if my agency received no requests?
No, your agency only needs to report to the CJC if a federal agency requests information or cooperation from your agency that fulfillment of would violation HB 3265.

Which agencies qualify as public bodies?
Public body has the meaning given in ORS 174.109.  State government bodies, local government bodies, law enforcement agencies, public jails and correctional facilities, and other special government bodies all qualify as public bodies.

Which federal agencies qualify as a federal immigration authority?
The United States Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”), the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), the United States Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), any successor agency, any other federal immigration agency or official, or any other entity to which a federal immigration agency delegates or assigns the authority to detect, investigate or enforce violations of immigration law.

Does my agency need to report to CJC if we receive a request from a federal agency that we are required to fulfill under a qualifying judicial subpoena?
No. If your agency receives a qualifying judicial subpoena, you are not required to report the communication or request to the CJC. Any other communication or request received by your agency from a federal immigration authority, however, is required to be reported to the CJC.

I’m a member of the public and I believe my rights or the rights of someone I know have been violated. How do I report this?
It is against Oregon law for state and local law enforcement or public agencies (state and local government offices) in the state of Oregon to directly or indirectly participate in immigration enforcement without a judicial warrant. If you believe your rights or the rights of someone you know have been violated, contact the Sanctuary Promise Hotline (1-844-924-STAY / 1-844-6-AMPARO) or file a report via the online portal. Visit the Oregon Department of Justice Sanctuary Promise webpage for more information.

I have a question not on this list. Who should I contact?
Please contact Kaysea Dahlstrom, CJC Program Analyst, with any questions.