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The Oregon Statistical Analysis Center provides the Governor, Legislature, and Criminal Justice Agencies with a capability for objective research and data analysis.  The SAC provides direct support in the development of legislative fiscal impact statements for proposed legislation that may increase or decrease state costs for prison beds and felon supervision. Oregon’s SAC distributes criminal justice information and statistics to local criminal justice planners, state agencies, universities, and the public.​

We manage a clearinghouse of criminal justice data

We do not collect individual data or manage a database, but collect data from other state agencies for analysis

  • DOC data including prison intakes and those on felony supervision statewide

  • Court case data from both OJIN and Odyssey

  • Arrest data from Oregon State Police

We can merge data from these different sources.  This capability makes additional analysis possible including recidivism reporting and the M11 report.​

​Outcomes Measures for Justice Reinvestment

  • Tracking prison use data and all felony sentencing data by county

  • Tracking STTL by county

  • We will be reporting agency for tracking new definition of recidivism

  • Only agency that analyses incarceration, conviction, and arrest data​

  • Perform fiscal impact statements to calculate increase or decrease in prison beds or felony supervision.  This is reported to LFO.

  • Perform racial and ethnic impact statements for proposed legislation as requested.

  • Fulfill data requests from other state agencies, criminal justice stakeholders, legislators, Governors Office, researchers, and the public.

  • Apply for a grant each year through the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to do a core capacity building project.​

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​​For more information, contact:
Kelly Officer
Research Analyst
(503) 378-6224