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​Date ​Name ​Organization ​Status ​Dow​nload​​
2016-10-12 Jill Heimensen Portland State University Completed Link

Description: Data regarding substance use treatment programs and dropouts. Specifically, I am interested in reasons why participants didn't complete court ordered treatment programs. Thank you!

​​2016-10-19 Christelle Allison Lopez​ ​LexisNexis State Net ​Completed ​Link​
​​​Description: Requesting the text of proposed amendments to rules in 213-003, 213-004, 213-017, 213-018, and 213-019. The notice of this proposed rulemaking was published in the October 2016 Vol. 55, No. 10 issue of the Oregon Bulletin.​
​​2016-10-25 Jennifer McDonald ​Institute for Justice Completed ​Link​
Description: 1.Copies of all guidelines and reporting forms established to comply with: a. Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. 131A.450, b. Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. 131A.455(5), and c. Or. Rev. Stat. Ann. 131.600. 2. All releasable forfeiture records contained in the tracking system maintained by OOGS. I request this in an electronic format such as a database dump or comma-separated value (.csv) files. 3. The complete database schema and/or database model describing the tables, as well as each table's variable type and lengths (e.g. integer, float, text, etc.). This documentation should also indicate the relational model and join types (e.g. inner, left, right, etc.) between each table.
​​2016-10-26 Justine Hicks​ ​Reason ​Completed Referred to:
​Multnomah County LPSCC​ and Oregon DOC.
​​​Description: I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records containing arrests for human trafficking and sex trafficking, as well as arrest pertaining to prostitution from 2014 to the most current data available in Multnomah County (specifically OLR 163.266, OLR 167.012 and OLR 167.017) For each arrest I will need: Arrest charge, County of arrest and any police organizations involved, Demographic information of the arrestee and number of victims, Name of Suspect, Case Number, (if possible) outcome of case. It would be most convenient if this data is organized in one spreadsheet.
​​2016-11-01 Gregory Kelly ​University of Oregon Closed
​​​Description: Data regarding drug arrests and convictions concerning heroin and prescription drugs from 2010 to 2015.​
​​2017-03-02 Theodore Urton ​Individual Closed
​​​Description: 2015-2017 Yamhill County Justice Reinvestment Grant Proposal
​​2017-03-09 Giovanni Colitti ​California State University, Channel Islands Closed FBI Crime in the United States - Oregon Uniform Crime Report
​​​Description: I am looking for monthly crime data for the previous two years (2015-16, Jan-Dec) at the city (or county) level in Oregon.
​​2017-03-17 Jeanne Beck ​NAMI Yamhill County Closed Link
​​​Description: Is it possible to get written progress reports or grant reviews for Yamhill County's Reinvestment Grant Proposal for Yrs 2013-2015 and Yrs 2015-2017? According to the RFGP, progress reports are due semi-annually.
​​2017-03-17 Daniel Murphy ​Linn County Circuit Court Closed Link
​​​Description: PSC reliability studies
​​2017-03-17 Nicole D. Porter ​The Sentencing Project Closed Link
​​​Description: I work at The Sentencing Project and one of my priorities is state policy. I was wondering if there had been any updates on racial impact statements in Oregon? Have any been developed in the last few years? Do you have a sense of their impact? Can you direct me to the introduced legislation that would alter the process by which they would be introduced? Also, do you know how I can capture the 4 REIS statements that were developed in 2015?
​​2017-03-18 Alexander Vermenton ​ -- Closed
​​​Description: Warrant
​​2017-06-07 Christelle Allison Lopez ​ -- Closed Link
​​​Description: "I would like a copy of the proposed rule text for the notice published in the June 2017 Oregon Bulletin: Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, Chapter 213, Rule Caption: Amends Justice Reinvestment Rules for Increased Flexibility Regarding Unknown Funding Level, Proposed Amendments: 213-060-0050, 213-060-0060
​​2017-07-19 Cooper Green ​ Statesman Journal Closed Link
​​​Description: "Number of charges and convictions under Invasion of Privacy and Unlawful Dissemination of an Intimate Image charges in last 10 years separated by year in Oregon. Number of charges and convictions under either charge in last 10 years separated by year in Marion and Polk Counties. Case numbers for all closed cases under either charge in last two years in Marion and Polk Counties."
​​2017-07-28 Andrew Seth ​ Sustainable Strategies DC Closed List of the 41 Specialty Court Recipients
​​​Description: "I'm interested in learning who the recipients of the 2017-2019 specialty grants will be. "
​​2017-09-25 Alexander Billy ​ Georgetown University Closed Information Available Upon Request
​​​Description: I would like the following information for every enforcement agency in Oregon responsible for seizures from the years 1995-present:
  1. A court case number identifying a unique search or connected searches
  2. The name of the law enforcement agency responsible of the seizure
  3. The date or dates the seizure(s) occurred
  4. The number of individuals with an interest in the property seized
  5. The type of property seized
  6. The cash value of the property seized
  7. Alleged offense for the cause of seizure
  8. If narcotics were involved, was it a possession charge or distribution related (intent versus arranged)
  9. What type of enforcement action caused the seizure take place? Enforcement stop, a search warrant, or an arrest warrant
  10. The type of seizure: Was the seizure criminal or civil?
  11. Final disposition
  12. The amount of property returned. Any property returned? If so, how much in estimated worth?
  13. Property or cash values transferred to a federal agency
  14. The names of the parties associated on the seizure side as well as the law enforcement side
  15. The zip code the seizure took place
  16. Racial ethnicity of both parties. If several were involved, please list.

I may have follow-up requests contingent on the availability of the above data. I prefer Excel or .csv files. If you do not have access to those, I am content to take whatever form in which the data may be contained. I know you have data dating back to 2009 that may not have been processed. I am happy to do that for the state of Oregon in exchange for the requested data above. I will also happily share the results of my work, any datasets I create, etc. I understand there are limitations to what you may have.

​​2018-01-19 John Foote ​ Clackamas County DAs Office Closed Information Available Upon Request
​​​Description: I am requesting the specific names and case numbers included in your office's calculations of future fiscal impacts for two previously proposed legislative bills: UUMV and domestic violence-strangulation.
​​2018-02-16 James Peterson ​ Judicial Watch, Inc. Under Review --
​​​Description: This request is on behalf of Judicial Watch, Inc., a member of the news media and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We seek: All documents reflecting any orders, directives, instructions, or guidance to your law enforcement employees (including, but not limited to, police officers, correctional officers, and contract employees), whether formal or informal, that were distributed, produced, and/or in effect during the relevant timeframe, regarding whether and how these employees may, or may not, communicate with the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and/or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or their agents, whether directly or indirectly. The timeframe for this request is October 1, 2015 to present.
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