Submit civil and criminal forfeitures

Asset Forfeiture Report


  • CJC responsibilities regarding Asset Forfeiture can be found in ORS 131A.450,  131A.455 & 131A.600.

  • ORS 131A.455 creates the Asset Forfeiture Oversight Advisory Committee (AFOAC), which consists of two legislators appointed by the Senate President, two by the Speaker of the House, three by the Governor and three by the Attorney General.

  • State and local government agencies electronically report civil and criminal forfeiture disposition and use of proceeds in the CJC Oregon Online Grant System (OOGS​).

  • CJC staff support the AFOAC and use the forfeiture information to compile an annual report that is approved by the committee.

  • Use civil forfeitures allocated to CJC for specialty court programming.  Twenty percent (20%) of civil forfeitures are allocated to the CJC for specialty court programming.

  • Maintain system for tracking all state forfeitures – currently done by OOGS

  • Hold seizing agencies accountable to reporting deadlines

  • Staff AFOAC, serve as liaison and assemble the annual report

  • Report annually on or before April 30 to the Speaker of the House, Senate President, Attorney General and Governor​


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