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What are Treatment Courts?

Treatment courts are problem-solving courts that operate under a specialized model to provide court-directed supervision and mandated treatment to nonviolent individuals with substance use or mental health issues underlying their criminal behavior. Treatment Court judges typically impose a strenuous regimen of treatment and accountability that requires a strong personal commitment from participants to take control of their lives to eliminate substance use and sustain a crime-free lifestyle.

All treatment courts have the following in common:

  • They serve a specific, targeted population with agreed-upon eligibilty criteria.
  • They rely on consistent judicial interaction throughout the duration of the program.
  • They require collaboration among a multidisciplinary team made up of judicial, treatment, supervision, legal staff, and other parties to adhere to best practices.

Research on the 10 Key Components of a Drug Court underpin best practices and are foundational to the operation of all court types.

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