Customer forum

The purpose of this Customer Utility Board (CUB) is to act as a governing board for those services provided by Enterprise Technology Services​a program of the Office of the State Chief Information Officer.  



    The CUB consists of voting members and non-voting members representing different areas of government. Feel free to contact any member listed below.

    ​​Name ​Agency ​Email address
    Kurtis Danka, Chair ​Oregon Department of Transportation
    Kris Kautz, Vice Chair Department of Revenue 
    ​Jim Conlin Oregon Judicial Department
    MaryKay Dahlgreen Oregon State Library​
    Larry Harker Association of Oregon Counties
    Brian Henson Department of Public Safety Standards & Training
    Shane Perry PERS 
    Eric Moore ​Department of Human Services
    ​Satish Upadhyay ​Oregon Department of Forestry ​
    ​Rebecca David ​Oregon State Police
    ​Shelley Sneed ​Oregon Board of Optometry

    Meet​ing information

    Regular CUB meetings are scheduled at least quarterly. However, the chair may cancel a regular meeting due to lack of agenda topics or schedule additional meetings, as needed. Link to the meeting schedule and materials webpage​​​ for details.

    Service level agreement (SLA)

    The objective of the SLA is to ensure both DAS staff and customers understand and agree on how services will be performed and the responsibilities and expectations of each party. The SLA describes the services offered by each DAS provider, identify common performance targets and responsibilities for customers of a service, and document common service management processes.


    Performance reports

    Below is the current quarter performance report for the service providers under ETS. The reports compare actual performance against the targets agreed upon with customers. Reports also include an action plan for any measure that does not comply with the agreed service-level expectations or performance targets, and other information such as a report on formal performance complaints received during the previous quarter.

    To learn more about the governance of this board, review the ETS Customer Utility Board Charter​​​.​​​​​​