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State facilities and land

Executive Order 17-07 - Review of facility use

Governor Brown's Executive Order 17-07, "Immediate Cost Savings Measures in Oregon's Executive Branch," put forth a series of measures intended to reduce expenditures in hopes of easing the impact of the current budget deficit. 

DAS Real Estate Services is tasked with implementing this measure and collecting meaningful data on current space usage statewide. This information will be used to inform more efficient utilization and the operational efficiency of a building over its useful life.

DAS quickly recognized that inconsistent definitions and methods would make collecting useful data difficult so DAS RES prepared a set of surveys, spreadsheets, and instructions to help reduce the administrative burden on agency customers.

These tools were vetted through facility managers at the departments of Transportation, Corrections, and Forestry and revised for clarity and to ensure that a wide range of facility types are accommodated.   

A report was submitted to the Governor in June, 2018 outlining actions taken to implement EO 17-07. The Executive order remains in effect until June 30, 2019, unless superseded by a subsequent Executive Order or law.

​For questions, contact:

Darrin Brightman, AICP, MRED