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​Interagency ​​S​​ustainability​ Coordinators Network

​The Interagency Sustainability Coordinators Network (ISCN) is comprised of representatives from key agencies that impact sustainability, as well as other interested agencies. The network meets six times a year and ensures that state agencies collaborate on sustainability programs and projects. 

In addition to regular meetings and collaboration, the network also combines resources for field trips and educational opportunities. 

​Agency Plan​ ​Update(s)
Dept of Admin Services​​ 2017 Plan

Executive Summary & Actions

​Business Oregon 2017-2019 2018-2020, 2019-2021
​Dept of Corrections

2016 update

2015 Plan

2017-2022 update & Executive summary
​Dept of Energy 2017 Update  Sustainability Policy 
​Dept of Env Quality 2015 Plan 2018
​Dept of Fish & Wildlife 2016 Plan
​Dept of Forestry 2016 Plan  Update Part 1
​Housing & Comm Serv 2017 Plan
​OR Health Authority ​Projects
​Dept of Land Cons & Development Initiatives
​Parks & Recreation Dept 2017 Plan Update 
​Public Utilities Commission 2016 Plan  2018 Update
​Secretary of State 2015 Plan
​Dept of Transportation 2016 Update ODOT Initiative
​Travel Oregon 2017 Plan 
​Watershed Enhancement Brd 2015 Plan
​Water Resources Dept 2004 Plan 

​We can all do our part to lessen the effects of limited water supplies expected this summer. We can start by conserving the water we use.

Learn more about drought in Oregon

Oregon's Renewable Portfolio Standard requires that 50 percent of electricity Oregonians use come from renewable resources by 2040. "Renewable" means the source of power can be used repeatedly because it is replaced naturally, like wind or the sun.

Oregon's electricity mix

​DAS offers a smart commuter program to encourage employees to use alternative modes of transportation in their commute. Learn more



​Dave Wortman
Statewide Sustainability Officer



Next ISCN Meeting

 July 2018 at Willamette Mission
 State Park 


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