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Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio
(IR Studio)

This page is designed to help agency tech support install the IR Studio product on Datamart users' computers using the following instructions. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although individual users may download the files independently, we highly recommend that users coordinate with their local IT support personnel.

32-bit vs. 64-bit

  1. IR Studio is only available as a 32-bit application. 
  2. IR Studio can only use 32-bit ODBC connections. 
  3. If your computer operates 32- or 64-bit, you will still install the 32-bit application.
  4. If your computer runs 64-bit, then you must install the 64-bit files below. The installlation files differ only in how they install under Windows. 

Complete Datamart user setup process:
To access the Datamart:
  1. Request authorization/login by submitting a Datamart Standard View Access Request through your Agency Security Officer (ASO).

  2. Install IBM DB2 driver and create ODBC connection:
  3. Install Interactive Reporting Studio software - IR Studio (Version
​64-bit installation files:
    1. (257 MB)
    2.​ (1.01 GB)
    3. (308 MB)
    4. (152 MB)
​​​​32-bit installation files:

Contact information:

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Senior Datamart Business Analyst
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