Accounting system

01Introduction to R*STARSR*STARSBeginner3-4
02Introduction to R*STARS - Transaction EntryR*STARSBeginner5-6
03Transaction Entry - Vouchers PayableR*STARSIntermediate6
04Transaction Entry - EncumbrancesR*STARSIntermediate6
05Transaction Entry -  Balanced TransactionsR*STARSIntermediate6
06Transaction Entry - Accounts ReceivableR*STARSIntermediate6-8
07Transaction Codes - How They Impact Transaction EntryR*STARSAdvanced2
08Transaction Codes - How They Post to the Financial Tables, the BasicsR*STARSAdvanced2
09Transaction Codes - How They Post to the Financial Tables, ApplicationR*STARSAdvanced2
10Transaction Codes - Balanced TransactionsR*STARSAdvanced4
11Transaction Inquiry Part #1R*STARSAdvanced3-4
12Transaction Inquiry Part #2R*STARSAdvanced3-4
13Introduction to ADPICSADPICS--3
14Direct Purchase OrdersADPICS--3-4
15Receiving ProcessADPICS--3
16ADPICS Invoices and Vouchers Part #1 of 2ADPICS--3-4
17ADPICS Invoices and Vouchers Part #2 of 2ADPICS--3-4
18ADPICS Direct VouchersADPICS--4
19ADPICS Approval ProcessADPICS--3
20ADPICS Standard Specifications and TermsADPICS--3
21Direct Purchase Order Change OrdersADPICS--3

iLearn registration instructions:

 Registration for R*STARS  and  ADPICS courses is now available in iLearn. Enrolling for SFMA training in iLearn is a 2-step process:
  • Select and request access to an R*STARS/ADPICS Self-Study Lab section. Since 2011, Labs have been Remote Training sessions only. Labs are offered twice each month. You will be automatically enrolled upon approval.
  • Select and request access to an authorized training course (curriculum). You must be approved for the training course curriculum you wish to take. Once approved, you must enroll in the curriculum. At that point you will need to open the curriculum and enroll in the training materials general course. Access and print the course materials for the session.
The available courses are listed below (You may also use the Search option in iLearn by typing R*STARS or ADPICS in the search field.  This will list all available curriculums and lab sessions). Click on the link to go directly to the enrollment page in iLearn for each course.  You will find a description of the course materials there.
  • With the exception of the first two courses, R*STARS courses may be taken in any sequence and those courses that are not pertinent can be skipped. However it is recommended that all courses be taken to fully understand the operations of the system.
  • ADPICS courses must be taken in sequence. The documents in each course supplement the next course.

Go to the SFMA Training Calendar to see upcoming training dates.  E-mail your training questions to