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Accounting system

​​​​​Desk manual by cate​gory and chapter


Profilesprof.1R*STARS vendor profile
Profilesprof.2Profile roll for new biennium
Profilesprof.4Garnishments, levies, and other contractual or legal conveyance of monies
Profilesprof.5Establishing state employee vendor profiles with specific PDT´s
Paymentpaym.1Other vendor types
Paymentpaym.2Issuing survivor/estate payments on behalf of deceased employees
Paymentpaym.3Direct deposit for R*STARS vendors
Otherothe.1Error correction
Otherothe.2Financial contacts
Otherothe.3R*STARS - 2022 calendar closing schedule
Otherothe.5Matching inquiry screens with system tables
Otherothe.7Items that may lead to a class mismatch
Otherothe.8Screen 105 changes
Otherothe.9Drill down procedures
General fundgene.3General fund $ returned to agency after biennium close
Revenuereve.1General fund revenue deposits in SFMA
Revenuereve.2Appropriation year-end document supported GLs
Treasurytrea.1Deposit reconciliation
Treasurytrea.2Reclassification through deposit reconciliation
Treasurytrea.4Investment transactions
Treasurytrea.5Suspense account transactions in R*STARS
Central processingcent.2Use of interface indicators for cash reconciliation reports
Central processingcent.4SFMA transfer transactions
Central processingcent.5General ledger close program DAFM351
Central processingcent.7DAFM353/356 fiscal year end rollover