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Accounting system

​​​​​​​​​​Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Requestable reports index by report ID
Chapter 3 – Requestable reports index by category
Chapter 5 – Profile reports
Chapter 6 – R*STARS extracts
Chapter 7 – Control report index by report ID (revised 10/2012; 26.9 kb)
Chapter 8 – Control report index by category (revised 1/2012; 26.4 kb)
Chapter 9 – R*STARS control reports (revised 10/2012; 236.0 kb)
Chapter 10 – Month 13


List of R*STARS requestable reports

You can filter and sort this list by "Report name," "Category" or "Note."

DAFR7260Transaction detail by agency object/agency GL and projectProjectOregon specific
DAFR3330Deposit reconciliation record report by agencyDeposit reconciliation
DAFR6090Statewide revenue by comptroller objectRevenue/expenditure
DAFR3360Deposit reconciliation record report - all agenciesDeposit reconciliation
DAFR6150Status of appropriation and expenditure (subtotalled by appropriated fund)AppropriationsOregon specific
DAFR7373Monthly treasury activity transactions - dedicated fundReconciliationOregon specific
DAFR7378Monthly SFMS summary transactions - all fundsReconciliationOregon specific
DAFR6050Revenues and expenditures by fund, program, organization, and object (formerly DAFR9210)Revenue/expenditure
DAFR6120Status of appropriation and expenditureAppropriations
DAFR7010Grant calculated indirect costsGrant
DAFR6720Transaction listing for all funds by last processed dateReconciliationOregon specific
DAFR6550Deposit reconciliation detailDeposit reconciliationOregon specific
DAFR7360Biennial budget allocationAgency budgetOregon specific
DAFR7290Appropriation detail by GAAP function and agencyAppropriationsOregon specific
DAFR6610Agency operating statementGeneral ledger/fundOregon specific
DAFR6560Transfer registerMiscellaneousOregon specific
DAFR6600Trial balance by project by GLProjectOregon specific
DAFR737-0Monthly SFMS activity transaction - all fundsReconciliationTreasury requested, Oregon specific
DAFR6530Trial balance by fund by general ledgerGeneral ledger/fundOregon specific
DAFR6500Lapsing appropriationAppropriationsOregon specific
DAFR7374Monthly treasury variance - dedicated fundReconciliationOregon specific
DAFR6520Trial balance by grant by general ledgerGrantOregon specific
DAFR6540Cash receipts and cash disbursement registerRevenue/expenditureOregon specific
DAFR6590Outstanding deposit liabilities-document supportedMiscellaneousOregon specific
DAFR6510Expenditure and revenue registerRevenue/expenditureOregon specific
DAFR7370Monthly SFMS activity transaction - all fundsReconciliationAgency requested, Oregon specific
DAFR6630Expenditure and revenue register II (AFS)Revenue/expenditureOregon specific
DAFR6570Vendor history reportVendor/payableOregon specific
DAFR6620Agency balance sheetGeneral ledger/fundOregon specific
DAFR7250Transaction detail by project and agency object/agency GLProjectOregon specific
DAFR7380Monthly trial balance by treasury fundReconciliationOregon specific
DAFR7390Monthly SFMS activity report for warrants redeemedReconciliationOregon specific
DAFR7410Agency budget activity summaryAgency budgetOregon specific
DAFR7391Monthly treasury activity reports for warrants redeemedReconciliationOregon specific
DAFR7400Agency budget activity detailAgency budget
DAFR7420Emergency board appropriation. Detail by GAAP function and agencyAppropriationsOregon specific
DAFR7510Appropriation adjusted budget summary reportAppropriations
DAFR7590Appropriations and expense by agency, appropriated fund, and objectAppropriations
DAFR7490Appropriation trial balanceAppropriations
DAFR7480Appropriation activity summaryAppropriations
DAFR7580Appropriations nearing deficit - encumbrance basisAppropriations
DAFR7540Appropriation summary by programAppropriations
DAFR7550Appropriation summaryAppropriations
DAFR7470Appropriation activity detailAppropriations
DAFR7530Appropriations nearing deficit - cash basisAppropriations
DAFR7500Appropriation activity analysisAppropriations
DAFR7610Agency budget monthly allotment vs. actual expendituresAgency budget
DAFR7640Agency budget control by organization, fund, and programAgency budget
DAFR7620Agency budget quarterly allotment vs. actual expendituresAgency budget
DAFR7630Remaining appropriation balance by appropriated fund and agencyAppropriations
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