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Accounting system

​​​​​​​​Next user group meeting

Tuesday, Feb 7​​, 2023, 9 a.m. - 11 ​a.m.

Past presentation​s and meeting recordings

collapse Date : 2022 Nov ‎(2)
Nov 2022 presentation with navigational links
Nov 2022 YouTube recording
collapse Date : 2022 May ‎(4)
May 2022 presentation with navigational links
May 2022 YouTube recording
Handout - YE closing guidelines FY22
Handout - Expired warrant due diligence
collapse Date : 2022 Feb ‎(1)
Feb 2022 presentation with navigational links
collapse Date : 2021 Nov ‎(2)
Nov 2021 presentation with navigational links
Agency biennium close procedures
collapse Date : 2021 May ‎(4)
May 2021 presentation with navigational links
Year-end closing guidelines FY21
Biennium closing guidelines AY21
Biennium close research and verification tools AY21
collapse Date : 2021 Feb ‎(7)
PERS invoices
Program structure review
D23 fund refresher
54A screen corrections
Financial archive and Vendor purge
Profile roll and Payment archive
1099 update, Payroll project and Outlook calendar
collapse Date : 2020 Nov ‎(4)
Agenda and calendar Nov 2020
1099-Misc and 1099-NEC
New ACH website and Returned warrants
New Web reporting tool and Review of 89 screen
collapse Date : 2020 Jun ‎(9)
Agenda and opening
Fiscal yearend rollover
Year-end closing guidlines
HANDOUT YE closing guidelines FY20
Year-end general ledger close
Requesting yearend reports
Electronic reports
Due diligence for warrant expires
GASB and COVID19 updates
collapse Date : 2020 Feb ‎(5)
Introduction and agenda
Vendor coordination
Macro 101
1099 and datamart updates
Archive and purge information