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Financing and facilities planning

Statewide planning process

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is directed by ORS 276.227 to establish a statewide planning process that evaluates the needs of the state's facilities. The Capital Projects Advisory Board assists DAS with the public review process for the proposed capital projects of all state agencies. The planning process includes space requirements and other data necessary for cost-effective facility planning, including major lease plans of state agency facilities in a six-year facility plan.
The Central Facilities Planning Committee (CFPC) represents agencies' interests in developing the statewide facility inventory, space needs planning, maintenance planning and planning the review process for capital projects and major leases. Meeting information

Biennial agency facility planning reporting documents

Agency facilities plan presenting before the Capital Projects Advisory Board (CPAB)

  1. Identify any major reorganization plans.
  2. Identify any unneeded space resulting from downsizing or reorganization, including sale of a building.
  3. Biennial leasing plan.
  1. What are the compelling reasons specific to this need?
  2. What options were explored when determining the proposed solution?
  3. Identify future maintenance costs and proposed funding.
  4. If a construction project has been previously submitted but not funded, complete a resubmittal:
  • Building Maintenance Needs Plan (15 minutes)
  1. Discuss any preventive maintenance system in use including the type of system.
  2. Discuss any impacts from E-Board or legislative budget reductions.
  3. Discuss agency plan for reducing deferred maintenance.
Complete instructions for completing the State Facilities Planning Process

Agencies planning to lease a signficant space

Agencies planning to lease a single facility with 10,000 or more square feet of conditioned space with a term of 10 years or more must request CPAB review of the project prior to inclusion in the budget process.  Contact your leasing agent to schedule a CPAB review at a regularly scheduled monthly CPAB meeting.