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Welcome employees and clients of DAS Shared Payroll Services. 

Shared Payroll Services provides full-cycle payroll and benefit services to 36 client agencies, boards and commissions including DAS, Treasury and the Governor's Office. Our team of payroll technicians are here to assist employees with their payroll needs.

Please use this collection of links to find answers to your payroll questions. Need more help than you can find here? Contact DAS Shared Payroll Services​ directly with your questions.



Connect with DAS Shared Payroll Services

Phone: 503-378-6778

Mail: 155 Cottage St. NE
Salem, OR  97301

  ​​Agency payroll offices 
If you are not a DAS or client agency employee, please click here​ to contact your agency payroll office.  ​

Mailing labels 

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 Frequently asked questions