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Contribution start date (CSD) instructions

These instructions explain the process of selecting the correct date to use for starting PERS contributions.  Start with the "First Day of Employment” column and go across the row. 

  • First Day of Employment:  Use the new employee's hire date and find where it falls within the date ranges in this column.  Note:  For PERS purposes the first date of employment can be a date other than the 1st.  It could be the 2nd or 3rd, etc.  This worksheet is based upon the first working day of the month, Monday through Friday.t.
  • PERS Effective Date or Contribution Start Date (CSD):  This column gives you the estimated contribution start date for the First Day of Employment, provided the employee meets all eligibility requirements within the calendar year. 
  • OSPS Effective PPE Date:  This is the date you will enter on the OSPA P010 screen in the RETIREMENT START DATE field. Entering the employees CSD in this field generates an entry on the E357-020 “Employees Eligible for Participation in Retirement” report for the designated pay period. It is critical to work this report monthly to ensure contributions begin timely. 

Current PERS CSD Guide for OPSRP employees​​​​​​​