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DAS fleet has implemented an online invoice system that allows agencies electronic access to their motor pool invoices. This replaces the paper copy that was previously printed and mailed each month.

Your agency's designated user(s) will access their motor pool invoice at the following URL: "https://columbia.das.state.or.us/fleet/invoice/xxxxxxx" (where xxxxxxx is your six-digit agency number followed by one additional zero, e.g: 1071270).

The user will be prompted to enter their user ID and password to log into the online invoice system. Once logged in, your agency's most current invoice is located at the bottom of the page.

​The invoice is provided in PDF and MS Excel formats. The MS Excel format breaks the invoice into sections. The invoice sections are displayed ascending by year, month and then in alphabetical order by file type and section name.

The first link is the PDF version which displays all pages of your agency's monthly invoice (IS). Next, the MS Excel files will be listed in the following order: Cross Reference Summary (CR), Fuel Purchases (FP), Other Services (OS), Permanently Assigned Vehicles List (PA), Shop Services (SS) and Vehicle Summary (VS). Depending on your agency’s need and use, you won’t necessarily have each of these sections each month.

The invoice sections will look something like this:

  • 2018_03_PDF_IS.pdf
  • 2018_03_XLS_CR.xls
  • 2018_03_XLS_FP.xls
  • 2018_03_XLS_OS.xls
  • 2018_03_XLS_PA.xls
  • 2018_03_XLS_SS.xls
  • 2018_03_XLS_VS.xls
​​The security officer and their alternate are authorized to add or change the designated users. The designated users are authorized to access the online invoice system to obtain the invoices for payment.

To change your agency’s security officer or alternate, click on the link below to fill out the security officer request form. To change an agency's designated user, click on the link below and have the security officer fill out the user request form, then email to motor.billing@das.oregon.gov. Forms may also be faxed to 503-378-5813 or mailed to 1100 Airport Rd SE, Salem, OR 97301-6082.
     Security officer request form
     User request form

​If you have a question that has not been answered on our frequently asked questions page, or you don't know who your agency’s security officer or designated users are, please contact the DAS Fleet billing coordinator at motor.billing@das.oregon.gov​ or 503-373-7744.​​​

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