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Payroll and Time Tracking Project Delay

Good afternoon,

The go-live date for the Workday Payroll and Time Tracking Replacement Project has been postponed. Originally intended to go live on July 1, 2022, Workday Payroll and Time Tracking is now projected to go live on December 1, 2022.

We are pleased, as a collaborative and united enterprise, to be able to provide space and time as Enterprise Information Services (EIS) continues to support agencies as they enhance their security position. The requirement for all Executive Branch agencies to implement Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) was mandated in March 2020 to strengthen secure access to our information systems. If you have any questions about this mandate, please contact your agency Chief Information Officer or someone within your information services office for more information about these efforts.

Please know that Workday is a trusted platform that is used extensively in the private and public sector to manage business functions. The enterprise standards set by EIS will also enhance the user experience for the Workday system.  

The five-month delay will provide not only the time necessary to implement the required security enhancements, but also allow for additional training time for employees and a longer runway for agencies to prepare any internal business process changes.

The project team will use the next five months to:

  • Ensure employees and managers are trained and given multiple training options
  • Provide additional opportunities for hands on experience
  • Allow agencies additional time to adjust internal queries to DAS data
  • Provide agency-specific guidance, support training and change management needs

We thank you for your understanding of this postponement, and we look forward to continuing our preparations for the new payroll and time tracking system.

We invite you to visit the project website and email questions to, osps.workday@das.oregon.gov


Kris Kautz (OHA), Project Co-Sponsor

Kim Dettwyler (DAS), Project Co-Sponsor


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