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HB 3330– Passed in the 2013 Regular Session, this bill requires entities who (not related to the administration of the criminal justice system) “use electronic fingerprint capture technology to take and submit a person’s fingerprints for purposes of conducting criminal background checks under ORS 181.533, 181.534 or 267.237 or for any other purpose authorized by law” as of January 1, 2014.  It provide the ability to adopt by rule exemptions to the requirement. It also requires the Oregon Department of Administrative Services to develop a standard contract for the provision of electronic fingerprint capture and submission while also allowing agencies to purchase and use their own devices.   It also requires these same governmental agencies to conduct a study related to their criminal background checks process and report the results of the study to the Legislative Assembly on or before October 1, 2014.  Please see the Criminal Background Legislation Report for detailed information.


The statewide electronic fingerprint capture procurement opened for contractors in February 2014, was awarded in April 2014 and was finalized in July 2014.  The selected contractor is Fieldprint, Inc. who has been providing this service for foster care providers through Department of Human Services (DHS) for several years.  State agencies and authorized purchasers are able to view and download the Fieldprint, Inc. Contract 4720, the Rate schedule and directions for account set-up by logging into the ORPIN System.

Fieldprint, Inc. has already developed agreements with more than 30 small entities across the state who provide storefronts or mobile services for the capturing and submission of electronic fingerprints.  Many of these small entities appear to be disadvantaged, minority-owned, woman-owned and emerging small business (D/MWESB) entities although they may not currently be D/MWESB certified through the state of Oregon. 

Fieldprint, Inc. is currently working with state agencies and authorized purchasers to set them up to utilize the contract services. (Note: If you are an Authorized Purchaser please see Implementation Plan, Welcome Letter and/or Sample P​roject Plan for additional information) 

The cost for the capture of manual fingerprints varies greatly depending on whether the individual goes to a public or private entity, which geographic area their fingerprints were taken, etc. Based on our research, the price ranged from free to $30 per print, depending on the entity capturing the print.  The negotiated rate in the new contract is $12.50 per electronic print captured.  Mobile services were also identified by stakeholders as a desirable component and DAS negotiated a Mobile Service Base Rate of $107.50 per mobile site request with rates decreasing on a percentage basis depending on the volume of prints processed. The negotiated rates are expected to result in an overall expense reduction by either the public or non-profit entity requiring the fingerprints, or by the individual, depending on the purpose for the fingerprints being captured. Please note, this does not include the fees associated with processing the fingerprint background check through OSP or the FBI as those fees remain unchanged. 

From 1/1/2014 to 6/30/2014, OSP processed approximately 42,000 fingerprints related to this legislation.  Of those fingerprints, approximately 83% were processed from manual ink card fingerprints.  Once the statewide electronic fingerprint capture contract with Fieldprint, Inc. is fully implemented, it is expected the 80,000+ fingerprints processed annually will be at least 95% electronically submitted, assuming an approximation of 5% exceptions.  This is expected to result in a significant reduction in process time and expense.

HB 3330 also grants OSP the authority to develop an exception process to capturing and submitting fingerprints electronically – via Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR). OSP is in the process of preparing a draft of the OAR. 


March 19, 2015

DAS Procurement and Fieldprint have come to an agreement to allow for the electronic capture of fingerprints nationwide.

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