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Employee resources and state workforce

​​​​​​​​Over the next five to ten years, Oregon state government will be facing many new challenges and opportunities heightening the need to preserve institutional memory and experiential knowledge. While we have employees with the necessary leadership potential, we need to provide them the opportunities and means to develop skills so they are ready to successfully step into those important leadership roles. One tool of that development is through a mentorship program. 

The DAS – Chief Human Resources Office has launched a statewide mentoring program for emerging leaders.  The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide emerging managers with the opportunities and means to develop skills so they are competitive in order to pursue a leadership role within state government.

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​​From this program, the mentee can expect to develop a skill or competency, practice accepting feedback from a consistent source while also improving their confidence and communication skills. Additionally, the mentee will learn to maintain a professional relationship and expand their network. 

Mentors will be able to strengthen their listening skills, obtain a sense of fulfillment, enhance relationship building skills and gain an added sense of purpose.​  ​



  • ​You must be a full-time state employee.

  • You must be interested in pursuing a management career path.

  • You must have completed the emerging manager training program (Management education​​).

  • Have your manager's approval to participate in the program.

  • Be able to commit to attend the mentee orientation.

  • Be able to commit to meet with your mentor six times throughout the program.​

  • Your manager must submit a short email narrative on why they support your participation and believe you are a good candidate for this program by the application deadline. Please have them email it to​.

  • ​​You must be a manager or supervisor currently managing staff (e.g. principal executive manager or supervisor).

  • You must have a minimum of three years management experience (private or public sector).

  • Commitment to attend a​ training on mentoring.

  • Be able to commit to meet with your mentee six times throughout the program.

  • Your manager supports your participation in the program. 


  • If you'd like to be considered as a potential participant in the mentorship program, please follow the appropriate link located under 'Tools' and complete the application.

Training and Orientation

  • These are designed to provide a clear understanding of the mentorship program to the participants. Training and orientation will be conducted on a pre-determined day and participants are expected to attend.


  • We match based on career development or professional growth by using similar experience and expected outcomes to create pairs​.


  • Six months from training/orientation to the final evaluation.

Meeting times

  • You decide! Expectations are that the mentee and mentor will meet at least six times throughout the program, but when those meetings happen is up to the matched pair. 

Monthly topics

  • Each month mentees and mentors will be provided with a list of possible discussion topics. These are completely optional and meant to help initiate conversations. 
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