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​General project questions

  • The current payroll system (OSPA) will be replaced with Workday Payroll.
  • ePayroll and most agency time tracking systems will be retired. ODOT, some State Hospital and some DOC staff will continue to use their current time tracking systems.
  • Pay slips (paystubs) will be accessed through Workday.
  • Leave accrual system; Workday will become the official system of record for an employee's time off (leave) balances and accruals. 

​Workday payroll, time tracking and leave accrual (Workday Payroll and Time Tracking).

  • Workday is the current HRIS system that the state of Oregon went live with in February 2019.
  • Workday login

​The PTT Replacement Project officially kicked off on Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021.


  • OSPA (the current payroll system) has been paying employees since 1986 and there are very few IT experts available with the programming knowledge to maintain it. Updating to Workday's payroll module removes this risk because Workday is constantly maintained through a software-as-a-service contract.
  • In addition, every month Workday HRIS has to send critical employee information to OSPA, and the interface is difficult to maintain and has become more unstable over time. Having your HR and payroll information contained only in Workday removes will make it easier to maintain.

  • Project information, resources and contact information are available on the Project Website
  • Agency Project Payroll Champions and agency project teams will be able to answer questions specific to your agency.
  • There will be communication sent out on a regular basis in addition to the resources noted here.

  • Decemeber 1, 2022 – Workday will go live for Payroll, Time Tracking and Leave Accrual for all Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch state employees.​

  • Project Team Bio's
  • The Project Team comes from a wide network of state agencies and is committed to collaborating with all agencies and state employees to ensure payroll continues to happen timely and accurately for all state employees.
  • Some agencies will have their own internal project team in addition to the DAS Project Team.  Please consult with your payroll manager to find out about the structure of your internal project team. 

K​ris Kautz, OHA Deputy Director, and Kim Dettwyler, HR Administrator for the CHRO, are the executive co-sponsors for the Payroll and Time Tracking Replacement Project. 

A Payroll Project Champion or PPC is the assigned contact ​at your agency for the Payroll & Time Tracking Replacement Project.

​Click here to see who has been identified as your Payroll Project Champion. 

  • As we move closer to go-live (December 1, 2022) there will be an increase in communication to inform you of important training dates. If you wish to get an update on the project please reach out to your agency's Payroll Project Champion.
  • Project Payroll Champions will communicate regularly with their agency's leadership team to pass along important updates on the project.
  • The PTT Project Website is available as a resource as well:

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment standards affecting employees in the private sector and in Federal, State, and local governments.
  • Employees can view their FLSA status in Workday.  Please see the (FLSA Status Guide job aid) for instructions.​

​We plan to leave ePayroll accessible to employees for several months post go live to allow employees to download paystubs.​​

​Position related questions

• All FLSA Exempt and FLSA Non-Exempt state employees from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of state government will convert to Workday for time tracking and leave requests in December 1, 2022.
• ePayroll and most agency time tracking systems will be retired. ODOT, some State Hospital and some DOC staff will continue to use their current time tracking systems.

​No, the implementation of Workday Payroll will have no impact on your current position description, job duties or performance reports.

​There will be no impact to employee's leave accrual rates or amounts earned each month.  The vacation accrual rate will still be based on years of service as outlined by the applicable collective bargaining agreement or state policy.  

​There will be no change to what employee’s pay for their PEBB benefits. ​​

​Your retirement benefits will remain the same with the implementation of Workday Payroll. If you are a participating PERS member than you will continue to pay your 6% PERS Pick-up as you do now.  

​​Workday Payroll and Time Tracking will be able to accommodate all cost centers, projects and grants. In addition, it has a comment field that can used for notes or specific comments your agency would like to track. ​

​​​​​​​​Workday Payroll & Time Tracking system questions

  • There will be foundational training content available within Workday Learning.
  • ​Job aides and instructional videos will also be made available.
  • All additional training modules or sessions will be developed in coordination with your agency trainers and/or Payroll Project Champions. 

  • When Workday Payroll is implemented
    • Exempt employees will enter time off requests.
    • Non-Exempt employees will enter time start and stop times. ​

Please contact your agency payroll office for specific instructions on how this will be handled.  ​​

​Employees will still get paid even if a manager forgets or is unable to approve timesheets. There will be back up processes in place to ensure employee time is approved prior to cutoff if direct supervisors are unable to complete the process for their employees.

​Managers, payroll partners and time keepers will be able to enter time for an employee in the case where an employee is unable to enter their own time. 

​Email notifications were established when HCM went live in 2019. Per the request of agencies, they were disabled shortly after go-live. Managers will need to log into Workday to see notifications of pending activities. 

​There will be a process in place to ensure employees are paid even if they forget to enter their time.  However, to ensure an accurate paycheck, employees should enter their time by published cutoff dates.  

  • The implementation of Workday Payroll will not affect your ability to flex your time.
  • If you are currently permitted to flex your schedule, when Workday Payroll is implemented, you will continue to enter the hours you worked into Workday as you do now in ePayroll or your agency time tracking system. As long as you enter 40 hours per week, regardless of the day your time is entered on, you will be paid for 40 hours of work. ​

When Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) deployed in 2019 an exception was granted​ from the State CIO's Office to allow employees to access Workday from their personal devices. 

​Employees will have the ability to access the time module via mobile phone.​

​This change will not affect your OT eligibility.  Employees will receive overtime as outlined in federal and state laws as well as applicable collective bargaining agreements. 

​Once the system has been configured and testing has begun the project team will share demos and screenshots of the system.

​Workday Payroll and Time Tracking will be able to accommodate all schedules. Once the system has been configured and testing has begun the project team will share demos and screenshots of the schedules.  

​All employees will be assigned a schedule in Workday. For employees with varying/changing schedules, an email must be submitted to Workday Support.

​​Questions related to direct deposit of payroll

  • No, your Direct Deposit via ACH will remain in place unless you have changes to your bank accounts on your ACH Authorization.
  • Contact your Agency Payroll representative if you need to make any Direct Deposit application changes.​

​​Workday HCM is where you can setup a Direct Deposit. ​