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Appeal process

The Appeal Process for each representation is identified in either a letter of agreement with your union or the appeal process FAQ. Please click on the appropriate link for your representation to review the process and timeline for both the Statewide Equal Pay Analysis appeal process and Agency Level Pay Equity Decision appeal process. 

Equal pay analysis appeal form

The deadline to submit an appeal was February 28, 2019. If you submitted an appeal by the deadline, the team will make good faith effort to respond with a decision regarding the appeal no later than June 30th, 2019. We will notify employees if this date is extended.

Agency equity review form

If you didn’t have the opportunity to take the pay equity survey and feel you are being paid inequitably, you can request an equity review through your agency HR office by submitting the form below.

Agency pay equity analysis

For agency use only when submitting a pay equity analysis for CHRO approval.

Agency Pay Equity Analysis.pdf