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Employee resources and state workforce

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Connect with the Workday team for general questions about the project as a whole, administered by our change management unit. for questions about training, administered by our training unit.

Workday Helpdesk quick reference guide for system questions (e.g., functionality or user access questions), administered by our help desk. 


Management office ​​

Name Title Phone

Twyla Lawson

System Administration Oversight

(503) 949-4634

Jay Wayland

Workday System Support Manager (971) 283-5473

Help Desk Team​​
Name​ Title Phone

Shanon Jackson

Help Desk Technician

(971) 718-2407

Mike Rickards

Help Desk Technician (503) 934-3500
​​Cody Kennedy
​Help Desk Technician ​(503) 934-3500

Workday Analysts

Name​ Title Phone

Gina Beaman

Payroll Data & Integration SME

(503) 798-0683

Ryan Englund

Payroll Data & Integrations SME (971) 599-9430
​Libbie Saunders ​​Payroll Data & Integrations SME ​(503) 798-0942
​Cameron Stuckart ​Data Analyst iLearn

Workday Integration Support
Name​ Title Phone

Roger Dosier 


(503) 302-6980
​Rovi Villa ​Payroll Integration (971) 718-3061
​Nora Thompson ​Integration SME ​(503) 798-2388​

Cross Application

Name​ Title Phone

Denver Peterson

Cross Application SME 

(971) 718-6771
​Tracy Posey ​Security, Data & Reporting SME ​(503) 798-2696
​Jessica Butler ​Security Analyst
​Donna Lantz ​Reporting/Compensation ​(503) 378-3145​
​Jeanette Miley ​Legacy Expert ​(503) 378-3270

Workday Functional Analyst

Name​ Title Phone

Shilo Muller

Policy Analyst/Business SME Compensation

(503) 798-2712
​Jeff Vidal Talent & Performance ​(971) 283-5541
​Dan Jones ​Policy Analyst/Business SME Saftey/Absence/Locations & Committees (503) 510-6441
​Missy Wagers ​Policy Analyst/Business SME Recruitment ​(503) 383-5931
​Sarah Quick ​iLearn System Administrator 

Change Management/Training Team​​

Name​ Title Phone

Jenn Schierling

Organizational Change Manager

(971) 304-4631
Margo Hammonds​ Training Lead (503) 871-4794
Pastor Garcia Pena ​Communications Coordinator (503) 949-8839
Kristin Whittenburg ​Adoption Planning Coordinator ​(503) 383-5931
​Sheri Nees Adoption & Enhancement Planning Coordinator​ ​(971) 701-0740