OregonBuys agency implementation toolkit

An original goal of the OregonBuys project was to secure a price agreement that allowed for the possibility of an enterprise solution. To keep this goal viable, all agencies and ORCPP members must agree to implement and use OregonBuys in a consistent manner. The documents on this page help explain the OregonBuys solution and how to use it.

Agreements required
for OregonBuys implementation:
  • Agencies must sign an Interagency agreement (IAA) prior to execution of their work order contract (WOC).
  • ORCPP members must sign an Intergovernmental agreement (IGA) prior to execution of their work order contract (WOC).
Read the OregonBuys Program Charter to learn about the program governance structure, and roles & responsibilities.

Documents coming soon

OregonBuys data and field use standards
Documentation of OregonBuys workflows
Documentation of OregonBuys business processes
Documentation of OregonBuys integrations/interfaces
Documentation of OregonBuys user security
Documentation of OregonBuys reports
OregonBuys project governance and agreements


 Configuration standards


 Configuration standards - business processes


 Configuration standards - integration/interface


 Configuration standards - security (users)


 Configuration standards - reports