Thank you for your interest​ in designing a new website or redesign your existing website! 


To streamline your request for a new or updated website, please fill out the following form.  Please review the following statements and acknowledge that you have reviewed, understand and agree to the following: 


Agency has reviewed and understands what will be provided as part of this project in the Website Project Work Statement Document.  


Agency understands that any task or functionality requested outside of the requirements and deliverables listed in the Website Project Work Statement document will need to be submitted as a change request using the E-Government Change Request Form.  


Agency has reviewed and understands our Agency's activities and Contractors’ activities described in the WebsiteProject Work Statement document. 


Agency understands that before the project may begin, Agency must complete the E-Governance Board Agency Redesign Steps. If these are not completed when the Agency comes up in the website work queue, Agency will be skipped over for the next available agency in the queue that is ready to begin.  Agency will not lose their spot and will remain at the top of the queue until Agency is ready to begin. 


A summary of the required steps are:

1.    ​Develop an overall website plan and goals

2.    Get executive buy-in and sponsorship​

3.    Complete a website Content Audit

4.    Review and analyze current website analytics

5.    Identify top user tasks

Agency understands that unless re-prioritized by the E-Governance Board, my website will be prioritized in the order received.  The status of this queue can be checked in the Website Status Table on Oregon GovSpace.  


Agency understands that the Electronic Government Portal Advisory Board requires all website redesign to undergo usability testing with Oregon residents.