Statewide quality assurance ​​price and services agreements

State and local government organizations are authorized to execute work order contracts under 11 statewide price agreements for diverse IT quality assurance and related professional services for review oversight and risk management (QA Services.)  Authorized purchasers may select a particular QA services contractor for a single IT project, phased IT project or portfolio of IT projects either through an intelligent rotation system for state agency major IT projects or a "best value" competitive process within the pool of price and services agreement holders for all other engagements. 

Procurement Services and the state Chief Information Office conducted an informational forum concerning the purpose and use of these agreements on May 15, 2009.  Company representatives from the 11 contractors introduced themselves at the forum using slides that provided information about their firms, what they do in the IT QA services realm and their experience in providing these services.   The powerpoint document below provides a detailed overview of the agreements and the information shared at the forum.  Procurement Services and the state Chief Information Office intend to periodically refresh the overview presentation. 

Statewide QA PSA overview​ ​

Contract​ documents: 

Contra​ctor lists and workflow charts 

For more information or questions regarding statewide QA price and services agreements, please contact: 

Laura Barna, Contract administrator


Nick Betsacon, IT policy analyst