• Click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Subscription Change/Renew.
  • Add or remove services by checking or unchecking the boxes.
    • Email Notifications will prompt ORPIN to send you an email any time that an opportunity is issued by an agency if it matches the products, services and locations selected on your account. 
    • ​Electronic Bidding (eBidding) allows you to issue bids directly through the ORPIN program. Not all opportunities allow for eBidding. Check the top of the opportunity document to see what types of bids are allowed.

If your company has an active contract with the state, please first notify your Contract Administrator of any changes to company name, federal tax ID number, etc. 

To update your federal tax ID, go to My Company Details in the menu bar.  Under the Company Information section, you should see a field titled FID. Make your update there.

You will not be able to update your company's name in ORPIN. To request a name change, send an email to the ORPIN help desk at​.​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Change Logon Password.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter a new password in the second field.
  • Confirm the new password in the third field.
  • Click the Submit button. You should see a message that the password was changed successfully. If you see this message, click on any other menu option to exit this screen. NOTE: ORPIN keeps the last two passwords used on file and will not allow you to reuse them. If you get a notice saying 'immediate reuse of a password is not allowed' it means that you are trying to set the password to something you used recently. Try altering the password slightly (for example, add a number or special character). This should solve the problem.

  • Click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on User Information.
  • Click on the Add/Edit button next to the section you want to update.
  • Make the appropriate changes and hit the Submit button to save.

This can only be done by the primary contact for the company. If you are the primary contact, please do the following:

  • Click on Company Information to edit company address, phone number, website address, etc. Click the Add/Edit button next to any piece of information to update it. 
  • The Supplier Certifications area will show you what Minority, Women or Emerging Small Business (MWESB) certifications your company holds. If you have questions or concerns about the certifications shown, please contact the COBID Office at 503-986-0075.

Please note: If your company has an active MWESB certification, then your company info in ORPIN will be locked down for editing. (The MWESB database imports into ORPIN each evening, so the info is locked in ORPIN to ensure that the data matches between the programs.) If you need to update company details such as address or phone number, please contact the COBID Office at 503-986-0075.

  • Click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Product/Service Information.
  • Your current commodity selections will display. If you see a checkmark in a box, this indicates that you have selected the category. If you see an X in a box, this means that you made a selection further down inside a category. Click on the words (instead of the checkbox) to drill down into the category and see your selection.
  • To add additional commodities, either checkmark a category or drill down into categories and check them at a lower level. You may also try the Find option at the top of the list. This will allow you to search by keyword.
  • Click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Location Information.
  • Your current locations will display. Your company can provide goods or services to these regions. 
  • To add or remove locations, simply check or uncheck the boxes. If you're not sure what is included within the regions, click on the region name to expand a list of counties/cities that fall within that region.
  • Click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Registration Summary.
  • Click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Agreement Details.