eBidding is the ability to respond electronically to bids directly through the ORPIN system. It serves as an alternative to submitting a traditional (manual) bid such as hand delivery, email or fax (when allowed). All opportunities in ORPIN will allow for manual bids, but only some will allow for both manual and electronic bids. This distinction will be noted at the top of the opportunity document, underneath the opportunity's title. 

You do not need to be authorized to eBid to participate in most of the opportunities in ORPIN.

There are many! The following are some of the highlights:

  • Suppliers will not have to make copies of their bid documents and mail, fax or email responses (unless specifically requested to do so by the agency in their solicitation instructions). Your firm will submit a paperless electronic response by entering prices directly into the ORPIN system.
  • eBidding saves an organization time.
  • Bids or quotes are organized in ORPIN and easy to find.
  • Suppliers will have the security of knowing their bids are in a secure online lock box that no one can open prior to bid closing.

To participate in eBidding, your company must have an active eBid keyword. (This is a special password used only when submitting an eBid.) The Primary Contact for your company will activate the eBidding feature and establish the eBid keyword. Once they have done this, it can be shared with all sub-users on the account.

Instructions for Primary Contacts to activate eBidding:

  • Log into your ORPIN account and click on My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Subscription Change/Renew.
  • Check the box for Electronic Bidding and click the Next button to submit the change.
  • Click on Finish at the bottom of the registration summary page.
  • Go back to My Profile in the menu bar and select Request/Change eBid keyword.
  • Click the Email Me A New eBid keyword button to prompt ORPIN to email you a temporary eBid keyword. 

The temporary eBid keyword is only active for 14 days. Once you receive the temporary keyword from ORPIN, you will have ten days to change it from a temporary keyword to a permanent one. When you log into your account, it should immediately prompt you to enter your temporary eBid keyword and create a new permanent one.

ORPIN requires a special password called an 'eBid Keyword' to issue your electronic bid. (This is not the same thing as your login password.) The eBid keyword is controlled by your company's Primary Contact, but they may share it with sub-users on the account, as well. 

To set up an eBid keyword: 

  • Click on My Profile in the menu bar
  • Click on Request/Change eBid keyword 
  • Click on the button to prompt ORPIN to email you a temporary keyword 

When you receive your keyword, you will have 14 days to change the temporary keyword to a permanent one that you create. Once you have the permanent keyword in place, you will be able to submit electronic bids. (You cannot issue electronic bids using the temporary keyword.)

You cannot submit an electronic bid using a temporary keyword. You need to change it to a permanent keyword first. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Go to My Profile in the menu bar
  • Click on Request/Change eBid keyword
  • Enter your temporary keyword in the first field
  • Create a new permanent keyword in the second field
  • Confirm the new keyword by typing it in the bottom field

Note: Temporary keywords are only active for 14 days. If you are past this timeframe, click the "Email me a New Keyword!" button to receive a fresh temporary keyword.

It should say on the opportunity in the upper left corner under the document's title. It will either say "Manual or Electronic Bids Allowed" or "Manual Bids Only."

First, make sure that the opportunity you are viewing actually accepts electronic bids. (Not all opportunities do.) It should specify under the title by saying either "Manual or Electronic Bids Allowed" or "Manual Bids Only". 

Next, click on Express Interest in the menu bar and indicate whether you are interested as a primary contractor or a sub-contractor. Once you have submitted your interest, read through the entire opportunity document including all attachments in the "Attachments Exist" folder.

The instructions for electronic bidding are usually included in the attachments folder of an opportunity. If they are not, you can also access them here: eBidding instructions​

My response to an opportunity requires a submittal of additional information. ​

Yes, an attachment can be included in your response. The attachment size can be no greater than 34.80MB per submittal. If the combined size of multiple attachments is more than 34.80MB, try uploading one attachment at a time and hit Save in between. (The ORPIN system will not accept an .exe  or .zip file.)

If you have questions about using ORPIN or how to set up eBidding on your account, contact the ORPIN help desk at​

If your questions are about a specific opportunity or if you are having troubling entering or submitting your electronic bid, you should contact the agency person who is listed on the opportunity. (Their information can be found in the top center of the opportunity summary page.)​​​​​