Frequently asked questions


​Registration is easy! 
  • Go to the ORPIN program​ and click on Supplier Registration in the left hand menu bar. 
  • Follow the steps to set up an account, including creating a login username and password, entering your company information, and indicating the types of goods or services your company can provide to the state. 

There is no cost to register and the process takes about five or ten minutes to complete. Once you've finished, you will have immediate access to opportunities for bidding and awarded contract information. 

Click here for a printable Supplier Registration guide, complete with screenshots and helpful hints. 

Absolutely not! In fact, as soon as you create a User ID and Password the system will save any information you have completed in your registration. You can easily pick up where you left off by logging in with the username and password you created.

Yes. You can register as a Sole Proprietor. Just enter your own name under the Legal Business Name field when completing your Company Information page. You should indicate that this is a Sole Proprietorship in the Company Type dropdown as well. 

Note: You do not need to enter a Federal Tax ID number or Social Security Number during the registration process. There is a field on the Company Information page for this information, however it is not a requirement to complete the registration process. Please be aware that you may be asked to provide this data if/when you submit a bid on an agency opportunity.

The product and service database is based on NIGP Codes (a national commodity code platform). There are over 5,000 NIGP commodities, and our experience has been that most products and services are covered somewhere in the code. Here are a few hints to help you find those that apply to your business:

  • The commodity code list is set up as a hierarchy. This means you can drill down into each category to find more specific choices. Any time you see three dots to the right of a category title, you can drill deeper into that category. Simply click on the words (instead of checking the box) and you will be taken to the next level down.
  • Try using the Find feature. This button is located at the top left of the commodity list. Enter only one word at a time into the search field. For multiple word phrases, put quotation marks at the beginning and end of the phrase (for example: "human services"). Look through the results to find the closest match. You may select multiple product/service categories. 

Note: ORPIN uses your product and service category selections to determine which opportunities to list under the “Browse Opportunities by My Profile” function, as well as to prompt automatic email notices of new opportunities. It does not impact any of the other Browse Opportunity functions. 

If you would like assistance choosing your products or services, email the ORPIN help desk at​.​​​

Account information and searches

​When you request to be connected (affiliated) with an existing company, ORPIN sends an email to the primary contact for the company’s account. The primary contact needs to log into their account, click on ‘Users’ in the menu bar, and approve your affiliation request. 

If the primary contact is not available, email the ORPIN help desk at​ and request for your affiliation to be approved on your primary contact’s behalf.

Is the current primary contact still with your company? If so, they can log into their ORPIN account, click on Users in the menu bar, and reassign the primary contact responsibility to another user within the organization. (If the new primary contact does not have a user account, the current primary contact will need to add them before they can transfer the responsibility. This can also be done within the Users section of the menu bar.)

If your current primary contact is no longer with the organization, the ORPIN help desk can assist with updating the primary contact for you. However, the new primary contact needs to have an existing user account so that ORPIN staff can reassign the responsibility to them. If the new primary contact does not have an existing user account, have them perform the following steps:

  • Go to the ORPIN website​.
  • Click on Supplier Registration in the menu bar.
  • Enter their user profile information, including creating a login username and password.
  • On the Company Search page, enter their company name. (The City field can be left blank, if desired.) ORPIN should respond with a message that the company is already in the system. Click on the checkbox next to the existing company. (This creates a '"pending affiliation.")
  • Complete the rest of the registration by selecting the products and services the company provides, and to which regions.
  • Once they have completed the registration process, email the ORPIN help desk at​ to request approval of the affiliation and to move the new person to the primary contact position.

If you have any questions or need additional information at any point during this process, email the ORPIN help desk for assistance.

Yes, you can! There is a feature in the menu bar called Users that allows the primary contact on your company's account to add or delete sub-users on the account. They will enter the person's first and last name and then create the login username/password combination for them. From there, the new sub-user can log in with this username and password to complete their registration.​

If you feel that you are receiving too many emails that don't apply to your company's book of business, you may want to fine tune your commodities. This will allow you to continue receiving the notices, but tailor them so that you only receive those that correspond to your goods or services offering. 

  • To do this, click on Product/Service Information.
  • Your current commodity selections will display. If you see a checkmark in a box, this indicates that you have selected the category. If you see an X in a box, this means that you made a selection further down inside a category. 
  • Click on the words instead of the checkbox to drill down into the category and see your selection.
  • To add additional commodities, either checkmark a category or drill down into categories and check them at a lower level. You may also try the Find option at the top of the list. This will allow you to search by keyword.
If you want to turn off the email notifications completely, you can do this by completing the following steps:

  • Go to My Profile in the menu bar.
  • Click on Subscription Change/Renew. 
  • Uncheck the box for Email Notifications.
  • Click the Next button to submit the change.​
Looking for an opportunity to bid on? Follow the steps below to search the current opportunities in ORPIN.

Go to the ORPIN website. Log into your account by clicking on “Login to ORPIN” in the menu bar. 

Once you’ve logged in, click on “Browse Opportunities” in the menu bar. You will find five different ways to view opportunities.

  • Open Opportunities – This shows you a list of all opportunities available for bidding. It is displayed in order of the opportunity closing soonest.
  • By My Profile – This shows you any opportunity available for bidding that matches the goods or services you selected on your account profile. (This function is only available to suppliers.)
  • By Organization – This shows you a list of the agencies who currently have opportunities for bidding posted on ORPIN. If you are looking for an opportunity by a specific agency, this is a quick and easy way to find it.
  • By Product/Service – This allows you to look for opportunities by certain goods or service categories.
  • Advanced Search – This function gives you the ability to search by title keyword, opportunity number, date range, etc. (Note: If you search by opportunity number, be sure to select the correct radio button to the right of the number field. These buttons control whether your search will look for exact matches, numbers starting with the data you entered, or partial matches.)
​Want to find out details on an awarded contract? Follow the steps below to search contracts in ORPIN.

Go to the ORPIN website. Log into your account by clicking on “Login to ORPIN” in the menu bar. 

  • If you are a supplier, click on “Browse Contracts” to access the search screen. Enter either a keyword, contract number, awarded supplier, or organization to search the contract list. (Note: If you use the contract number option, be sure to set the radio button to the right of the number field correctly. You can choose to search for numbers that are either an exact match, partial match, or those that start with the digits you entered.)
  • If you are a local government user, click on “Statewide Contract Search” to search the list of current statewide contracts. You will see multiple ways to search, including by keyword, commodity, number, and awarded supplier. Use the Printable Index option to print out the list of statewide contracts.
  • If you are a state agency user, click on “Statewide Contract Search” to search the list of current statewide contracts. You will see multiple ways to search, including by keyword, commodity, number, and awarded supplier. Use the Printable Index option to print out the list of statewide contracts. 

To see just your own agency’s contracts, click on “Award Search” in the menu bar and select General Award Search. 

To see other agencies’ contracts for research purposes, click on “Award Search” in the menu bar and select Contract Browse.