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  • Meet the DAS Customer Utility Boards

    In 2012 DAS implemented Entrepreneurial Management as a business model. At the model’s core is the customer’s voice. For DAS' utility services, this voice is expressed through four Customer Utility Boards that govern each service.

    Also integral to the business model is customer choice. Through unbundling services and creating discrete rates and service level agreements, customers have greater choice. 

    The Customer Utility Boards serve as a forum to recognize and respond to customers’ needs and keep the exchange of information flowing between customer and provider.

About Customer Utility Boards CUB News - Updated March 2015

Four Customer Utility Boards (CUBs) exist to provide DAS' customers with a meaningful voice in the cost, type, quality and quantity of services delivered. The Boards serve as a forum to recognize and respond to customer needs as well as to provide a communication channel to keep the exchange of information flowing between customers and DAS. This takes shape in the following four primary responsibilities:

  1. Approving rate-setting methodologies and resulting rates
  2. Approving general service level agreements (SLA's) and monitoring service delivery performance
  3. Reviewing business plans and annual financial statements
  4. Settling unresolved service complaints


CUB 2014 Highlights

·         Finalized 2015-17 rate development work for all of DAS service divisions and programs. Major changes in rate methodologies and resulting rates occurred in the following program areas: ETS, Procurement Services, Surplus Property, Real Estate Services and Shared Financial Services.
·         In an effort to develop SLAs for 13 programs and divisions by the end of spring 2015, DAS implemented 6 new SLA documents and revised/ updated the content for an additional 4 SLA documents during 2014.
·         Replaced or added 19 new Board members. Currently, 42 individuals representing 34 Executive Branch Agencies, 2 sections of the Judicial Government Branch and 2 local government entities sit and participate in DAS CUBs.
·         By the end of 2014, CUB member satisfaction had increased 25% from the satisfaction levels achieved in the first CUB member surveys in spring 2013, reaching an average satisfaction of level 7.94 points out of a maximum of 10. CUB members are surveyed every six months about their satisfaction with their ability to influence the cost, type and quality of utility services provided by DAS and the effectiveness of the CUBs as a communication channel between DAS and its customer base.
·         CUB Charter content was revised and approved by the four Boards in the fall of 2014.






In 2014, DAS Customer Utility Boards completed the rate-setting work for the 2015-17 biennium. CUB members and subject matter experts from agencies, along with DAS staff, formed various subgroups to review rate methodologies and provide recommendations to the full CUBs. Through their participation in CUBs and subgroups, more than 35 customer agencies participated in the DAS rate-setting work. This work culminated with the publication of the 2015-17 Agency Request Budget Price List in February 2014, although the CUBs approved further rate changes throughout 2014 in response to customer or CUB specific requests.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements describe the services offered by each program, identify service levels or performance targets agreed upon between the program and its customer base, and document responsibilities and key service management processes such as incident management or complaint resolution. Throughout 2014, DAS Customer Utility Boards reviewed and approved new SLA documents for six Programs within DAS Service Enterprises:

• DAS Enterprise Goods and Services: 1) Risk Management and 2) Procurement Services
• DAS Enterprise Asset Management Division: 1) Operations, 2) Maintenance, 3) Real Estate Services, and 4) Construction and Project Management. 

In addition, in the fall of 2014 the CUBs revised SLA documents for four programs as follows:
                  •           • Enterprise Human Resource Services, 
                              • Fleet & Parking Services, 
                              • Surplus Property, and 
                              • Publishing & Distribution.

        • The revised SLAs included new performance targets and changes to the methodologies used to track performance against negotiated service levels.
DAS is pleased to have these agreements in place and extends thanks to the CUBs and other customers who collaborated to create them.    

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