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DCBS divisions

BCD ensures safe building construction while supporting a positive business climate by:

  • Adopting and administering uniform statewide building codes.
  • Providing building code and rule interpretation.
  • Assisting local government building departments and facilitating dispute resolution.
  • Enforcing license, code, and permit requirements.
  • Certifying inspectors and licensing trade professionals.
  • Facilitating economic development efforts around the state.
  • Conducting inspections where local entities do not.

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CSD ensures sound fiscal management, operations, information technology and research, and payroll services for the agency.

  • The Financial Services Section provides accounting services for the agency, including accounts payable and receivable, employee reimbursements, payroll, cashiering, and collections. This section is also responsible for the development, execution, and monitoring of the agency budget, preparing Emergency Board requests, and permanent and temporary position funding for the agency.
  • The Information Technology, and Research (IT&R) Section designs, develops, and maintains the agency’s information technology applications and infrastructure. In addition, the section collects, researches, analyzes, and reports data for internal and external use.
  • The Operations Section offers expertise in all areas related to the solicitation, development, and execution of purchases, contracts, and agreements. The section also provides mail services and telecommunications support, manages inventory, and helps with all other building-related needs.
  • The Records Management Program oversees the management of nonpermanent agency records in all formats (paper, electronic, audio/video, etc.). DCBS records are an important agency resource, containing information to make and document decisions, formulate policy, provide evidence of fiscal transactions, and help define legal rights and obligations of citizens and government agencies.

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DFR encourages a wide range of financial services, products, and information for Oregonians, provided in a safe, sound, equitable, and fraud-free manner. The division provides professional, fair, and objective program supervision while valuing excellent customer service and serves as a resource for consumer stakeholders, including legislators and licensees.

DFR protects consumers from businesses that do not operate within statues and rules by:

  • Supervising state-chartered or state-licensed financial institutions and financial-service providers.
  • Regulating to ensure the safety and soundness of banks, trusts, and credit unions, and examining other financial institutions for compliance.
  • Regulating the sale of investment securities in Oregon, reviewing securities offerings, and licensing those who sell them and those who advise about or manage securities.
  • Ensure sound mortgage lending practices.
  • Investigating complaints, alleged violations, and investment fraud; and issuing penalties as appropriate.
  • Providing education and other resources to help consumers recognize and avoid foreclosure, fraud, and inappropriate products and services.

Securities, lending, and financial industry:
866-814-9710 (toll-free)

DFR also empowers and protects consumers while encouraging a financially stable, innovative, and competitive insurance marketplace. As insurance regulators, we confirm that insurance companies are financially sound so that they can pay claims. We also ensure that policyholders are treated fairly, by making sure claims are handled promptly and accurately, and that insurance companies honor their policies.

Insurance regulators makes sure that:

  • Your insurance company is financially sound so that it can pay claims.
  • You are treated fairly as a policyholder. This means making sure your claims are handled promptly and accurately and the companies honor their policies.
  • Rates are reasonable in relation to the benefits you receive.

This is done by:

  • Analyzing and monitoring insurance company finances.
  • Reviewing all insurance policies before they are sold in Oregon.
  • Investigating consumer complaints.
  • Licensing insurance companies and agents.
  • Conducting in-depth and public reviews of proposed health insurance rates. We also review rates companies submit for other types of insurance.



The Office of the Director serves as liaison to the governor, the legislature, and other state agencies on issues of consumer protection, worker safety, and business regulation. The office also provides outreach to public interest groups and business organizations in communicating the department's mission and programs.

Employee Services, Communications, the Ombuds Office for Oregon Workers​, and the Small Business Ombudsman are also program areas within the Director’s Office.

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The goal in Employee Services is to provide exceptional customer service to all DCBS employees while ensuring a positive work environment, encouraging personal development and professional growth, and supporting the agency as in its mission. Employee Services’ human resources professionals provide interpretation, advice, and counsel in a wide range of human resources related topics. In short, Employee Services makes people successful.

Training and Development

The Training and Development team works with employees to reach their full potential. The team is committed to providing quality, innovative, and interactive research-based training that results in new awareness and knowledge, and the acquisition of immediately usable skills.


We have an effective Recruitment Team that strives to find the brightest and best people to join our workforce. Recruitment’s objective is to find those individuals committed to the DCBS mission.

Safety and Risk

The Safety and Risk Management Team works with the Safety Committee, HealthWorks, the Ergo Team, and each division to evaluate workplace risks and recommend corrective action to control hazards, prevent injury, illness, and losses, and mitigate damages. The team also coordinates safety-related trainings, activities, and events.

Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Team provides counsel and guidance on personnel rules, policies and procedures, collective bargaining agreements, position classification, salary administration, employee performance management, employee grievances, workforce diversity, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA).

Employee Services is available to help you with all of your human resource related needs. Employee Services is located in Room 200 on the second floor of the Labor and Industries Building in Salem.

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DCBS has two ombuds offices that serve as advocates for injured workers and small employers in workers’ compensation issues. The Ombuds for Oregon Workers informs injured workers about their rights and responsibilities. The Small Business Ombudsman assists employers with workers’ compensation issues related to audits, classifications, experience modifications, coverage, market availability, claims, and rules. Both offices conduct trainings, answer questions, and make informal presentations.

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OOW: 503-378-4209
800-927-1271 (toll-free)​​OW

SBO: 503-378-4209​

Oregon OSHA advances workplace safety and health, reduces workplace injuries and illnesses, and reduces the cost of workers’ compensation insurance by:

  • Inspecting worksites for safety and health compliance.
  • Investigating workplace fatalities, major accidents, and safety and health complaints.
  • Providing training and consultation services.
  • Developing occupational safety and health rules.

Contact us:
800-922-2689 (toll-free)​


WCB provides timely and impartial resolution of disputes arising under workers’ compensation law and the Oregon Safe Employment Act by:

  • Providing timely scheduling of hearing requests.
  • Providing mediation services to parties requesting an alternative to the hearing process.
  • Producing timely and legally supportable decisions.
  • Conducting an efficient, effective, and expeditious review of appealed cases.
  • Processing cases to the Court of Appeals in a timely manner.

Contact us:
877-311-8061 (toll-free)​​​

WCD protects injured workers’ benefits and rights in the workers’ compensation system by:

  • Ensuring that employers maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage.
  • Ensuring that injured workers receive timely benefits and quality medical care.
  • Facilitating injured workers’ early return to work through incentive programs to employers.
  • Resolving medical, vocational, disability, and other disputes.
  • Providing consultation and technical assistance to workers, employers, insurers, claims examiners, attorneys, medical providers, and others.
  • Administering the Workers’ Benefit Fund programs.

Contact us:
800-452-0288 (toll-free)​


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General information and assistance:
Fax: 503-378-6444

350 Winter Street NE
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