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Resume tips

The Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) may request candidates submit a resume instead of completing the education and work experience sections of the online application.

When preparing your resume, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Carefully read the job announcement – The announcement contains instructions on how to apply, what documents to submit, and the desired attributes and skills required for the job. A resume is most effective when it is specific to the job announcement and position description. (If the announcement requests a resume, the hiring manager will only see your resume, not the education and experience portions of your online profile.)
  • Identify yourself in your documentation – Make sure your name and complete contact information is on all documents you submit. Include your address, e-mail address, and work, home, and cell phone numbers to make it easier for the hiring manager to contact you.
  • Identify where you worked and when – Include the employer’s name and dates of employment (use month/year format). Identify any periods of unemployment.
  • Unpaid/volunteer work – Include all relevant experience whether it was paid or unpaid.
  • Avoid jargon or acronyms – Explain information in commonly used terms to make the message clear.
  • Describe how your background meets the qualifications and desired attributes – Explain the duties you performed and your level of responsibility. We are interested in accomplishments, not merely activities. When appropriate, use quantitative data, such as numbers, percentages, and timelines.
  • Presentation – Make sure your resume looks professional and is easy to read. Use 12 point Arial or Times New Roman for your font with one-inch margins on a plain white document with black ink, so that if it is copied, it will look good. Also, unless the announcement instructs you otherwise, there is no correct number of pages. Make it legible; if the reviewers can’t read your resume, you may not be considered further.
  • Proofread – You only have one chance to make a good first impression with the hiring manager; don’t blow it by having grammar, spelling, punctuation, or other errors in your materials.
  • Attach your resume if requested – Be sure to attach your resume to your online application form only if it is requested. Forgetting to attach your resume will keep your application from being considered further.
  • Submit your application materials by the closing date and time – The announcement lists the deadline for submission. Don’t wait until the last minute to apply because the Oregon E-Recruit System will not transmit your materials after the deadline. 




Sample resumes

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