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Working at DCBS

DCBS internship program

Through the program, interns will:

  • Build your resume with experience in fields such as accounting, information technology, human resources, and communications
  • Develop and improve skills in communication, technology, reasoning, and teamwork
  • Make a real difference by evaluating gaps or deficiencies in a DCBS program or process
  • Learn valuable presentation skills in order to propose a process improvement plan to DCBS leaders
  • Gain unbeatable work experience by participating in real projects and assignments to improve government
  • Learn how to demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Learn the agency’s role in regulating various Oregon industries

Interns in the program will build working relationships with DCBS hiring managers. As program graduates, they will be able to show that they possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in future permanent positions at DCBS.

DCBS is home to six divisions. They are: Building Codes Division, Central Services Division, Division of Financial Regulation, Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA), and Workers’ Compensation Division.

DCBS also has the Workers’ Compensation Board, the Director’s Office, and two Ombudsman offices: Injured Workers and Small Business.

Building Codes Division

  • Adopts and administers uniform statewide building codes.
  • Provides building code and rule interpretation.
  • Certifies inspectors and licensing trade professionals.
  • Facilitates economic development efforts around the state.
  • Conducts inspections where local entities do not.

Central Services Division

  • Provides accounting services for the agency, including accounts payable and receivable, employee reimbursements, cashiering, and collections.
  • Designs, develops, and maintains the agency’s information technology applications and infrastructure; collects, researches, analyzes, and reports data for internal and external use.
  • Offers expertise related to the solicitation, development, and execution of purchases, contracts, and agreements; provides mail services and telecommunications support, manages inventory, and helps with all other building-related needs.

Division of Financial Regulation

  • Supervises state-chartered or state-licensed financial institutions and financial-service providers.
  • Regulates to ensure the safety and soundness of banks, trusts, and credit unions, and examines other financial institutions for compliance.
  • Regulates the sale of investment securities in Oregon, reviews securities offerings, and licenses those who sell them and those who advise about or manage securities.
  • Investigates complaints, alleged violations, and investment fraud; and issues penalties as appropriate.
  • Provides education and other resources to help consumers recognize and avoid foreclosure, fraud, and inappropriate products and services.
  • Makes sure insurance companies are financially sound so they can pay claims; policyholders are treated fairly; and rates are reasonable in relation to the benefits policyholders receive.

Director’s Office

  • Provides DCBS with overall leadership, policy direction, and general supervision and coordination of all program areas; focuses on department wide initiatives aimed at improving agency performance in five critical areas: customer service, public information, regulatory reform, workforce development, and use of technology for information exchange, processing, and dissemination.
  • Serves as liaison to the governor, the legislature, and other state agencies on issues of consumer protection, worker safety, and business regulation.
  • Provides outreach to public interest groups and business organizations in communicating the department’s mission and programs.

Employee Services, Communications, the Ombuds Office for Oregon Workers, and the Small Business Ombudsman are program areas in the Director’s Office.

Oregon OSHA

  • Inspects worksites for safety and health compliance.
  • Investigates workplace fatalities, major accidents, and safety and health complaints.
  • Provides training and consultation services.
  • Develops occupational safety and health rules

Workers’ Compensation Board

  • Provides timely scheduling of hearing requests.
  • Provides mediation services to parties requesting an alternative to the hearing process.
  • Produces timely and legally supportable decisions.
  • Conducts an efficient, effective, and expeditious review of appealed cases.
  • Processes cases to the Court of Appeals in a timely manner.

Workers’ Compensation Division

  • Ensures that employers maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage.
  • Ensures that injured workers receive timely benefits and quality medical care.
  • Facilitates injured workers’ early return to work through incentive programs to employers.
  • Resolves medical, vocational, disability, and other disputes.
  • Provides consultation and technical assistance to workers, employers, insurers, claims examiners, attorneys, medical providers, and others.
  • Administers the Workers’ Benefit Fund programs.
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