Infection Control Requirement
The Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD) sent an email to all licensees clarifying the new OBD infection control continuing education rule.  After January 1, 2015, licensees who renew their dental or dental hygiene licenses will be required to have completed at least 2 hours of continuing education related to infection control.
The OBD is receiving inquires regarding the new infection control continuing education requirement. Licensees are questioning of OSHA course would fulfill this requirement. The answer is "yes" IF the OSHA course has at least two hours of instruction in infection control. please note that your course completion certificate would need to delineate how many hours were devoted​ to OSHA instruction and how many hours were devoted to infection control.

Adoption of NEW Rules - Effective August 1, 2014
The Oregon Board of Dentistry held a public rulemaking hearing on June 26 regarding the adoption of amendments to the current administrative rules. The Board adopted the amended rules at its June 27th Board​ meeting. They​ are effective August 1, 2014 unless otherwise stated within the amended rule. You can access the full text of amended rules below: