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2012 Integrated Report - Geographic Information System (Effective as approved)
Note: This ArcGIS 10 geodatabase spatially displays information from Oregon's 2012 Integrated Report and 303(d) list as submitted to EPA in November 2014 for review. EPA partially approved the 303(d) list in December 2016. This geodatabase does not identify listings and delistings that were disapproved by EPA, or include 303(d) listings that were added by EPA as a result of the disapproval.
2010 Integrated Report - Geographic Information System  (Effective)

Download: 2010 Integrated Report Assessment Geodatabase Version 3

Note: This ArcGIS 10 geodatabase spatially displays information from Oregon's 2010 Integrated Report and 303(d) list approved in March 2012 with additions from December 2012. The database contains feature classes for streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs with assessment information about water quality
Other integrated reports - GIS (Informational)

Drinking and groundwater programs

Oregon Lambert Coordinate System

All of DEQ’s GIS data is in the Oregon Lambert Coordinate System.
Map Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Grid Coordinate System: Oregon Lambert Projection

  • 43 00 00.000 /* 1st standard parallel
  • 45 30 00.000 /* 2nd standard parallel
  • -120 30 0.000 /* central meridian
  • 41 45 0.000 /* latitude of projection's origin
  • 400000.00000 /* false easting (meters), (1,312,335.958 feet)
  • 0.00000 /* false northing (meters)
Horizontal Units: International Feet (.3048 meters or 3.280839895 feet / meter)
Horizontal Datum: North American Datum of 1983

Vertical Datum: North American Vertical Datum of 1988

Spheroid: GRS 1980

Oregon Lambert is recognized by the European Petroleum Survey Group which maintains and publishes an international coordinate reference system database. The EPSG spatial reference ID for Oregon Lambert is 2992.