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The groundwater beneath much of the northern half of downtown Lebanon is contaminated with several solvent chemicals. The chemicals, including perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE), have been found in an area covering about 1.5 square miles. These chemicals are considered to be possible carcinogens. Lebanon city water is not affected by the groundwater contamination. DEQ is temporarily supplying alternative drinking water to households using contaminated well water. DEQ is currently evaluating options for providing alternate water supplies to affected well owners who do not currently have city water available. The most protective and cost effective alternative will likely be connection to city water supply. A link to a map showing DEQ’s sampling area is provided below.

In addition to DEQ's work the Department of Human Services has conducted a Health Consultation, focusing on the use of contaminated well water in Lebanon and possible associated health effects.


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For information about health effects of using contaminated water contact
Oregon Health Authority

​Environmental Cleanup Site Information Number:   1089 
County Linn 
City:  Lebanon
Region: Western  


Project Manager:  Don Hanson 
Phone: 541-687-7349