Cleanup Sites

​Site summary

The St Johns Landfill in North Portland, which operated from 1932 until its closure in 1991, was filled mainly with municipal and industrial solid waste. The landfill is now owned and managed by METRO and is undergoing a remedial investigation and study of possible cleanup actions under a consent order with DEQ. The landfill is part of the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area and is bound on the north, south and east by the main stem of the Columbia Slough or its secondary channels. Groundwater quality around the landfill has been monitored since the 1970s and continues under Metro's site management along with sampling of sediment in the Columbia Slough and leachate from the landfill perimeter. The landfill's long-term regulation is administered under separate DEQ permits for solid waste management, air quality and water quality.


Documents and supporting information

​Environmental Cleanup Site Information Number (ECSI):   164 
County Multnomah 
City:  Portland
Region: Northwest  


Project Manager: Bob Williams 
Phone: 503-229-6802