Adopted rule

Administrative Order No. DEQ 3-2017
Filed and effective Jan. 19, 2017
See Oregon Bulletin March 2017

Rian Hooff, 503-229-6865

The Oregon Ballast Water Management Program revised administrative rules in Division 340-143 under the authority of ORS Chapter 783 and House Bill 2207 (2015). DEQ amended OAR 340-143-0010 to prevent the discharge of ballast water that represents a high-risk for the transport and release of aquatic invasive species. DEQ also amended OAR 340-143-0050 to specify management requirements for vessels using shipboard ballast water treatment systems. This rulemaking responded to gaps in existing regulations concerning aquatic invasive species prevention practices.

The rulemaking incorporated recommendations from the Task Force on Shipping Transport of Aquatic Invasive Species. DEQ also convened an advisory committee made up of task force members and additional interested parties to provide further input into DEQ’s rulemaking effort.

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​Public involvement

The public comment period for this rulemaking closed at 4 p.m. on Oct. 24, 2016.
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EQC action

The EQC adopted the proposed rules on Jan. 19, 2017.
Staff Report - Item R (includes adopted rules)