Oregon Revised Statute 183.390 allows any person to petition an agency to amend, adopt, or repeal a rule. Oregon Administrative Rule 137-001-0070 describes the procedure a person must follow to submit a rulemaking petition. In general, the petition must state:

  • The petitioner’s identity
  • Whether the request is to adopt, amend, or repeal a rule
  • The full language of the affected rule with the proposed changes
  • An explanation of why the change is needed
The Environmental Quality Commission decides whether to grant or deny the petition. EQC must act on the petition in writing within 90 days after receiving it. In some cases DEQ must allow the public to comment on the proposed changes before EQC rules on the petition.
A person who wants to petition DEQ to conduct a rulemaking should submit a written request that meets the requirements of the statute and rule listed above. They should submit the petition to the manager of the DEQ program that enforces or implements rules in that subject area.

Petitions received in the last twelve months

Status: Comment period closed; DEQ will ask the EQC to take action on the petition at the EQC regular meeting, March 18 and 19, 2020.
Contact: Karen Font Williams, 503-229-5519 

Waldo and Crater Lakes Outstanding Resource Waters

Status: The EQ granted the petition and ordered DEQ to begin rulemaking.
Contact: Debra Sturdevant, 503-229-6691


Meyer Goldstein
Rulemaking Coordinator