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Community Air Monitoring Project

Communities in Oregon are eager to learn more about what is in the air they breathe and to develop local strategies to improve air quality. The biggest concern is over tiny particles of soot that come with smoke from wildfires, known as PM2.5, and particulate matter from diesel emissions. These concerns are reflected in increased requests to DEQ for monitoring and policy changes.

The objectives of the project include: 
  • Enabling communities to monitor their own air quality
  • Promoting partnerships that offer air quality expertise
  • Giving communities a voice in monitoring their air quality
  • Building a foundation of trusting relationships
  • Developing develop sustainable solutions to community air pollution problems
DEQ, in collaboration with community partners, universities, local and state-level agencies, will create an equitable and sustainable framework for community air quality monitoring. This framework will serve as a catalyst to empower communities by increasing access to community-level information that can inform action to reduce human health risks from air pollution.

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