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Air Toxics Emissions Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

DEQ created this resource to address commonly asked questions about the 2020 Air Toxics Emissions Inventory Reporting requirements. Although the 2020 reporting effort is complete, these questions will remain available for reference. For questions regarding the Cleaner Air Oregon program, including emissions inventory and reporting information, please visit the Cleaner Air Oregon website.

Questions about DEQ's review of Air Toxics Emissions Inventory Reports

DEQ will use the 2020 ATEI data to track changes in air toxics emissions across the state and to help evaluate air quality programs. In addition, the data is reported to the EPA as a part of the triennial National Emissions Inventory. A summary of intended data uses and data products is available on the Air Toxics Reporting Background web page. ​

If you find an error in your reporting form that affects the calculated emissions for 2020, or you need to report a process or material that was previously omitted, please contact DEQ to complete this request.​

The DEQ review of all the submitted ATEI reports is anticipated to take several months and may not be completed until summer 2022. During this time, someone from DEQ may reach out to the facility contact, preparer or certifying individual with questions or to request additional information. Per OAR 340-245-0040(3), DEQ may require the owner or operator of a source to submit an updated emissions inventory.​
In our review, DEQ may find it necessary to align misplaced information in the facility's submission, including refreshing the formulas or codes so they can be imported into our database. In some cases, DEQ may add combustion emissions using the Combustion Emission Factor Search Tool and Annual Report data if emission units and emissions were improperly omitted from the reporting form. In most instances where emissions calculations are affected, DEQ will contact the facility owner or operator. Contact DEQ if you have questions.​

Yes. A registered facility contact will be able to request a copy of their reviewed ATEI. Contact DEQ for assistance. ​

DEQ plans to publish a summary emissions report for each facility. This report will include facility-wide emissions totals per pollutant, similar to the 2016 report summaries. Once published, the reports can be accessed through the Air Quality Permit Data Search page.​