Cleaner Air Oregon

The Department of Environmental Quality is requesting informal comments on draft recommended procedures for conducting Level 1 through Level 4 toxic air contaminants risk assessments for facilities.
Facilities, or their consultants, prepare Cleaner Air Oregon risk assessments for review and approval by DEQ. These draft procedures are not a new rule and do not represent any binding requirements for DEQ or facilities performing such assessments. DEQ authored these draft procedures to explain how facilities can prepare approvable risk assessments. DEQ updated the previous draft procedures published during the last CAO rulemaking. The current draft is available for review:


This is an opportunity to provide informal input. This is not a formal rulemaking process. Members of the public can provide input by April 15, 2019 by emailing or by mail:
Oregon DEQ
Attn: Cleaner Air Oregon
700 NE Multnomah Street, Suite 600
Portland, OR 97232
DEQ will consider any comments submitted in finalizing the risk assessment procedures. DEQ will not publish responses to comments received. To submit comments, or if you have questions, please email before April 15, 2019.