Cleaner Air Oregon


​In partnership with the Oregon Health Authority, DEQ developed a draft Community Engagement Toolkit to help guide public participation in Oregon's health risk-based permitting program for toxic air contaminants. The Toolkit is guidance for DEQ on how to tailor community engagement to the needs of communities and considers equity, disproportionate impacts, and vulnerable populations.

Public feedback on Toolkit

DEQ held an informal comment period to provide transparency and an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on how to strengthen the Cleaner Air Oregon community engagement strategy. DEQ is reviewing and considering all submitted comments in the completion of the Toolkit. The Toolkit will serve as a guide for DEQ to customize a community engagement strategy based on the needs of a community. DEQ expects to make regular revisions and updates to the Toolkit based on evaluation, community feedback and lessons learned.

Commitment to Environmental Justice

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is committed to engaging all communities to create equity and inclusion in public health and environmental policy, programs and outcomes. In addition to CAO community notifications and facility participation in public meetings, DEQ will engage interested and concerned communities with meetings, workshops and resources to build capacity for participation in current and future air quality permitting and programs.