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Carbon intensity is the measure of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from a transportation fuel expressed in grams of carbon dioxide equivalents per megajoule of energy or gCO2e/MJ. A fuel pathway describes the feedstock and process of how a fuel is made and each fuel pathway is assigned a carbon intensity value.

The 2018 Clean Fuels Program Rulemaking is considering an updated version of the OR-GREET model and Simplified Calculators.

  • Current list of physical pathways available for use in the Clean Fuels Program.
  • Current list of carbon intensity values available for use in the Clean Fuels Program. (*Note: Any pathway code that begins with OR designates a default look-up table value.)

There are three ways for a business to obtain a carbon intensity value for use in the Clean Fuels Program:

  1. If the fuel has a carbon intensity value approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), DEQ will take that value and adjust it for Oregon-specific rules. A list of California's approved carbon intensity values.
  2. If the fuel does not have a carbon intensity value from CARB, then DEQ has developed an easy-to-use calculator (please right-click and save the file to your desktop) to estimate emissions. View directions on how to use the calculator.
  3. There are also some default carbon intensity values in the rules that can be used; they can be used temporarily until an actual calculation can be completed. Tables 3 and 4 at the end of OAR 340-253 contain these values.

For fuels that fall into categories #1 and #3, this information can be entered directly into the registration forms. For fuels that fall into category #2, the importer or producer must submit the application form for an Oregon fuel pathway.



Tier 1 fuel pathway approvals

​# ​FPC ​Facility Name ​Facility Location ​Application Submitted ​Deed Complete ​Application Approved
​19 ​BIODOR09 ​SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel LLC ​Salem, OR ​8/14/2017 ​8/21/2017 ​9/12/2017
​12 ​ORELEC002 ​EV4 ​Various ​9/26/2016 ​11/22/2016 ​12/23/2016
​11 ​BIODOR008 ​Rio Valley Biofuels, LLC ​El Paso, TX ​11/3/2016 ​11/28/2016 ​12/23/2016
​10 ​ORLNG003
​Montana-Dakota Utilities ​Billings, MT ​6/3/2016 ​6/20/2016 ​6/22/2016
​9 ETHCOR006 ​Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley ​Burley, ID ​4/5/2016 ​5/31/2016 ​6/3/2016
​8 ​ETHCOR004 ​Guardian Janesville ​Janesville, MN ​4/5/2016 ​4/20/2016 ​5/13/2016
​7 ​ETHCOR005 ​Guardian Hankinson ​Hankinson, ND ​4/5/2016 ​4/20/2016 ​5/13/2016
​6 ETHCOR003 ​Pacific Ethanol Columbia ​Boardman, OR ​4/5/2016 ​4/14/2016 ​4/25/2016
​1 ​BIODOR007 ​Milligan Biofuels Foam Lake ​Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada ​2/1/2016 ​2/23/2016 ​2/25/2016


Approvals to use default pathway 

​# ​FPC ​Facility Name Facility Location ​ ​Application Submitted ​Deemed Complete ​Application Approved
​22 ​ORRNWD005 ​East Kansas Agri Energy ​Garnett, KS ​10/10/2017 ​11/1/2017 ​11/8/2017
​21 ETHCOR001​ ​Pacific Ethanol Aurora West ​Aurora, NE ​9/7/2017 9/11/2017​ ​9/13/2017
​20 ​ORCNG002 ​Waste Management American Landfill ​Waynesburg, OH ​3/24/2016 ​3/25/2016 ​3/31/2016
​5 ​ETHCOR001 ​POET-Glenville ​Albert Lea, MN ​3/9/2016 ​4/4/2016 ​4/14/2016
​4 ​ETHCOR001 ​POET-Big Stone ​Big Stone, SD ​3/9/2016 ​4/4/2016 ​4/8/2016
​3 ​ETHCOR001 ​POET-Caro ​Caro, MI ​3/9/2016 ​4/4/2016 ​4/5/2016
​2 ​ETHCOR001 ​POET-Groton ​Groton, SD ​2/11/2016 ​2/23/2016 ​4/4/2016



For more information on this program, call 503-229-5388 (toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-4011, ext. 5388) or email Oregon Clean Fuels.