AQ Programs

This is Phase 1 of the application process that DEQ will use to determine whether a person is eligible for a rebate under the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate program.

Persons who purchase or lease eligible electric vehicles on or after Jan. 1, 2018 for use in Oregon should submit an initial Phase I application for a rebate if they wish to participate in the program and if they believe they meet all eligibility requirements. Submission of a Phase 1 application does not guarantee that a person is eligible for, or will receive, a rebate, but is the first step in the application process. Because the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate program requires that a person submit an application within six months of a vehicle’s purchase or lease date, it is important that persons who are interested in receiving  rebates apply  using the Phase I application form, rather than waiting for the entire application to be made available.

DEQ will require submission of a Phase 2 application at a later date. DEQ anticipates that it will make Phase 2 applications available once it receives funding for the programs, which DEQ believes will happen later in 2018. When a Phase 2 application is available, DEQ will notify all Phase 1 applicants that they must submit additional information as part of Phase 2. After reviewing an applicant’s Phase 2 application, DEQ will determine if the applicant is eligible for a rebate based on program requirements laid out by statute and adopted in rule. Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis upon DEQ’s receipt of the Phase 2 application.

Please note there is pending litigation surrounding the funding mechanism for the program. There is a chance the litigation decision will result in no funds being available for the program, in which case DEQ will not make Phase 2 applications available and will not issue any rebates.