Oregon E-Cycles

Oregon E-Cycles is an example of product stewardship. Product stewardship means that all parties involved in designing, manufacturing, selling and using a product take responsibility for environmental impacts at every stage of that product's life. Here’s how the responsibilities are shared under Oregon E-Cycles.


  • Recycle their share of returned product
  • Pay for cost of system
  • Assure convenient, free collection statewide
  • Educate and provide outreach


  • Provide printed information about Oregon E-Cycles at point of sale
  • Ensure that the computers, monitors and TVs sold are affixed with a permanent and visible brand label
  • Only sell computers, monitors and TVs that are listed as “pending” or “compliant” on DEQ’s manufacturer compliance list

State government

  • Register manufacturers
  • Establish Environmental Management Practices and other guidelines
  • Educate and provide outreach
  • Enforce and provide oversight

Local governments

Educate and provide outreach


Bring electronics to participating Oregon E-Cycles collection sites