Oregon Third Party Verification Program

A “responsible entity" is a business that is subject to, or voluntarily agrees to be subject to, the Third Party Verification requirements under Division 272 of the Oregon Administrative Rules.

Businesses that are subject to verification must:

  • Engage the services of a DEQ-approved verifier,
  • Ensure that all requirements in 340-272 are met, and
  • Ensure that a verification statement is received by DEQ from a verification body by the required deadline.


Are you a participant in the Clean Fuels Program?

For the Clean Fuels Program, verification requirements can be found in OAR 340-253-0110 and apply to:

  • Holders of certified fuel pathways and specified source feedstock suppliers and other persons with site-specific carbon intensity data that apply as a joint applicant that generate more than 6,000 total credits and deficits during the previous calendar year for the quantity of fuel produced at a given production facility
  • CFP quarterly reporters that generate more than 6,000 total credits and deficits during a calendar year

Fuel pathway applications are not required to be verified but if they are, DEQ will prioritize processing the application.

Verification requirements start with calendar year 2021 data.


Are you required to have your greenhouse gas emissions report verified?

Third party verification requirements for annual greenhouse gas emissions reports, including exemptions, are available in OAR 340-272-0120.

Verification primarily applies to large facilities and suppliers submitting reports with emissions equal to or greater than 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e) in the prior calendar year. Fuel suppliers or in-state producers that share common ownership must aggregate reports together to determine whether they meet the threshold for verification.

For determining applicability, the following emissions are excluded:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of biomass-derived fuels
  • Emissions associated with preference power purchased from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).
  • Emissions from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
  • Natural gas supplier reports for interstate pipelines

Verification requirements begin with 2021 emissions data verified in 2022.​