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Table Attachments 2019

Adopted rule

DEQ is conducted a rulemaking to correct errors related to documents attached to and published with the official, online version of DEQ's administrative rules. This rulemaking attached missing documents and corrected formatting of and errors in documents attached to rules. This rulemaking did not making substantive changes to the rules and did not impose any new requirements on any person, or any requirements on any new person. The purpose of this rulemaking was to make DEQ's rules easier for people to find, use, and interpret.

Public involvement

Comment period closed at 4 p.m., March 21, 2019. No comments were received.

View the public notice
Includes invitation to comment, notice, proposed rules and any supporting documents. 

A public hearing was held on March, 18, 2019.

EQC action

There is no scheduled EQC action at this time.