Water Quality

The 2002 Integrated Report and 303(d) List Database

Listed below are several options for searching or viewing Oregon's 2002 303(d) database.

  1. If you would like to search just the 303(d) listed waterbodies, then choose an option under 2002 303(d) List.
  2. If you would like to search the entire 303(d) database, including both listed and unlisted waterbodies, then choose an option under 2002 Integrated Report.

Note: The Integrated Report contains categories other than 303(d), including: "attaining", "potential concern", "TMDL approved", "insufficient/no data", and "water quality limited/not needing a TMDL."

You can search by selecting a watershed from a map of Oregon, you can search by selecting a waterbody from a list, or you can view the entire 303(d) list for the state.

Note: The following waterbodies must be searched by waterbody name: Snake River, John Day River, Klamath River, Deschutes River, Crooked River, Willamette River, Rogue River, Columbia River, Owyhee River, Grande Ronde River, Malheur River, Multnomah Channel.

2002 303(d) List

2002 Integrated Report

How to find a waterbody on the state map

  • Select the waterbody of interest from the scroll down menus in the 303(d) database.
  • Click on the record ID.
  • Note the LLID. The LLID is a unique identifier for each waterbody in the state. It uses the latitude and longitude at the mouth of the stream to identify the stream.
  • The LLID can be converted to latitude and longitude (in decimal degrees) by adding decimal points as follows:


​LLID ​Waterbody Name ​Latitude ​Longitude
​1201922443486 ​ Allen Creek ​ 44.3486 ​-120.1922
  • Type the latitude and longitude into the Latitude Longitude Identification Application.
  • You can then identify the stream by clicking on the highlighted point. You can use the identify tool to identify surrounding waterbodies. You can also add such features as cities and counties to the map.
  • Please note: Some waterbodies in the state are not yet assigned LLIDs. These waterbodies appear in the 303(d) database with artificial LLIDs such as "1111111111112". These waterbodies will not appear in the LLID Application map.