Water Quality

Data from 2008-2013 water samples

Zoom-in on the map if needed. Click on the map's diamonds to download data from the particular basin. When prompted, it is recommended that you choose "Save" or "Save as" for these files.

The analytical data posted on this page was generated to satisfy specific data quality objectives for the Water Quality Toxics Monitoring Program. Users of the data must be able to understand potential limitations of the information and its suitability for their intended use. Field Quality Control samples should be reviewed for their potential impact on the samples in a sampling event, or multiple sampling events, involved for a project. Results with a data quality level other than “A” have information pertaining to that result to assist in the evaluating the limitations of the data. For the data dated 2012 and newer, this information is contained in the “Qualifiers” tab of the corresponding data file. For the 2008 – 2011 data, the information is contained in laboratory reports which are available in PDF format in DEQ’s LASAR database. Data users are expected to review these qualifiers and reports to ascertain the suitability for their intended purposes.

Data files organized by basin 

Deschutes - 2012

Hood - 2012

John Day - 2012

Klamath - all seasons 2011

Malheur - all seasons 2011, 2013

Mid-Coast - 2013

North Coast - 2013 

Oregon Closed Lakes - Summer 2013

Other Basins - all seasons 2011 (includes Grande Ronde, Power/Burnt, Umatilla, Walla Walla)

Owyhee - all seasons 2011, 2013

Rogue - 2011, 2013

Sandy - 2012

South Coast - 2013

Umpqua - 2011, 2013

Willamette - all seasons 2008-2010